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November 10, 2011 17:19

It is believed that UFOs might be base on the moon and on the bottom of the seas and oceans, where extraterrestrial objects securely hidden from human eyes. But as more and more convinced of ufologists, the aliens make their hangars and some lakes — even despite the fact that this aircraft aliens easier for people to detect.

Now there is no doubt that the alien base was (and probably still is) at the bottom of Lake Cree in Canada. In the early 1970s, the local people do not notice the time spans over Lake bizarre objects, many of which rapidly plunged into its waters. But at this rate any earthly aircraft crashed sure would not stand the congestion.

According to the American ufologist (our former compatriot) Paul Stounhilla, a survey of the lake was undertaken in 1971, after more than 50 witnesses reported from very large diskovid-tion UFO hovering over the lake, separated a large rectangular object and crashed into the water. Depth of the lake at this point about 45 meters, but divers could not reach the bottom because of the sudden headache that becomes stronger, the lower they fell. It was decided to send in automatic vehicle equipped with a video camera. During his dive to the bottom of the lake there was a greenish glow, which quickly grew. And then the rope jerked as if someone grabbed the bottom of a giant hand, and broke off. Machine ever gone deep.

In 1978, the survey recorded a bottom sounder two oval tabs correct form. Their origin remains unclear. Then there was made one more attempt to make out the bottom with the help of a camera, but it was not possible: at the beginning of the descent all the mechanisms no longer work, as usually happens in the presence of a UFO.

Weightlessness on Salatinoy

With a high degree of confidence we can talk about the existence of the UFO bases in the bottom of a lake in the mountains of the Cordillera Gaipov-Azur (Argentina). The number of UFO sightings over this lake and the surrounding area is huge. Quechua Indians living on the banks of Gaipov refer to flying objects with fear and hide at their approach. Aborigines believe that the wizards and witches took on the disks and spheres, the better to hunt for people. Despite these anomalies, Gaipov study, even the most superficial, have not been conducted.

In Argentina, there is another lake, the bottom of which is believed to be for many years is something mysterious. This "something" rumor persistently linked with a UFO, but the mysterious flying objects there is not much 'more often than in other parts of the world.

"My father told me that once plunged into the lake a huge disco-shaped UFO — says Ramon Casona, the owner of a local restaurant. — And no one saw that it came back, although people from that day always followed the lake. "

Lake called Salatina. Travelers and locals claim that it is possible to appear as if in zero gravity and fly over the water meter and above. This happens not always. Tourists who just for the sake of it and go to the lake, waiting for its banks for weeks, until the "turn on" the mysterious anomaly. Can just take off, and only the most patient.

More often than ups on fixed Salatine unexplained weight reduction short people.
"Gravity" off "only in very small areas for a short time — explains physicist Carlos Penas studying anomaly for more than 10 years. — We can not say in advance when and where the phenomenon occurs. Sometimes it is not for weeks. And on April 6 last year at noon gravity "turn off" completely three times in five minutes, resulting in the air rose four. Unusual, as if weightless, behaved and water in these areas. " According to one theory, the UFO at the bottom Salatiny from time to time someone sends signals into space. At such times and interruptions occur with gravity.

Aliens in the bottom of Lake Baikal

In Russia, special attention attracts ufologists Baikal. UFO seen over him constantly, and objects that are noticed in the vicinity of the lake, almost always fly to him. In 1977, the Baikal conducted deep studies using the device "Paysis." It sank two staff members of the Institute of Oceanology — VM Alexandrov and G.R Seliverstov. The machine moved slowly down the slope Ridge. While driving, at a depth of about 1200 meters, the researchers switched off the spotlight to explore the depth of penetration into the water to sunlight. Even then, scientists have continued to watch very strong and very unusual glow. "It was so, — said later VM Aleksandrov, — as if illuminated by the device top and side two strong spotlights. Only a minute unknown floodlights went out and we were in total darkness. "

Even more shocking event took place in 1982 with a group of military divers investigated the coastal waters of the lake. A water depth of about 40 meters military experience strange unknown swimmers. Externally, they are similar to humans, but from all the diving ammunition for swimmers were only spherical helmets and tight wetsuits — this alone is surprising, because the water in the lake ice, and a similar suit is to protect the person from rapid freezing. But the most important thing — the growth of swimmers. It was about three meters. Unknown creatures were not paying attention to the divers involved some of his strange work.

Immediately after returning divers reported to the command of his strange encounter. Immediately to catch the unknown creatures formed a special group of seven experienced divers. A few boats went out to patrol the lake. Their crews had to hold the Giants as soon as they emerge. Divers captured from a network — just in case they would resist.

Like the first time, three-meter swimmers hardly reacted to the appearance of the people. The reaction was only when the military tried to throw a net on one of the giants. Giant with such force rasshvyryal all soldiers that they flew up to the acceleration and found on the surface of the lake. The rapid ascent has caused people of Zion decompression sickness ("boiling blood" because of rapid pressure reduction). To save them required special chamber. But in the military unit had only one such camera, designed for two people. As a result, in spite of urgent measures, the three divers were killed and the rest were disabled for life.

The circles on the ice and other wonders

Scientists can not explain the appearance of the mysterious circles on Baikal ice. They reach a diameter of seven kilometers and visible even from space. First laps were found in 1999. They do not appear every year and always in different places. There is a theory that this should be of huge gas bubbles rising from the bottom of cracks in the earth's crust. Another version connects the community to the global warming. But ufologists believe
it is — the result of Underwater aliens who may interested in clean water of the lake.

There is little doubt that in the 1960s and early 1970s, there was a UFO base on the bottom of Lake Sarez (Tajikistan). UFOs seen here so often that on the mountains was arranged point monitoring. Sarez lake, a mile deep, was formed at the beginning of XX century by a series of powerful earthquakes. Believed to be at its bottom there are holes that lead deep into the bowels of the planet. In autumn 1972, the lake almost every day immersed UFO different forms. Perhaps because of this at the time of its water was warmer than the surrounding lakes.

Now assume the existence of a UFO base on the bottom Cheremenetskogo (Leningrad region), which since the late 1990s, with no end come and hang over him mysterious objects. Similar UFOs are showing increased interest in the Lake Erie, on the border of the United States and Canada.

Igor V0L03NEV
Secrets of the twentieth century, 2011

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