Last call at the Russian school

Last call at the Russian schoolMay 25 to tradition in Russian schools the last bell rings. However, graduates should not relax because next Monday will be the first exams, including the history and biology. Compulsory subjects, which are mathematics and Russian students will pass on May 31 and June 7.

In many cities of Russia will hold parades graduates and thunder salutes. After the official line of the school graduates waiting for mass cultural program prepared by the city authorities, who in each city will be different. The most important thing is to this day the weather was sunny and clear, or else the holiday will be a sad, graduates are bundled up in jackets and dogs dressed Raincoats for dogs and last call will seem dull.

After passing the exam entrants and graduates will suffer your documents to many colleges and universities in our country. As the director of the Department of Education, Ministry of Education and Science the number of budget places will remain the same, but will be redistributed with a priority on technical specialties in the field of electricity and mechanical engineering.

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