Lifestyle during pregnancy

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In his youth, the majority of women do not think about how a healthy lifestyle they lead. But now comes the pregnancy— And pregnant women, respectively related to his condition, many questions arise.

How to eat? What drinks prefer and which to reject? Dietary habits of pregnant can be quite unusual and often serve as an occasion for jokes. Meanwhile, they were certainly worth a listen: it so the body can "signal" about the deficit any important substances. However, to go to extremes and not worth it. Food should be very diverse, natural, balanced and fulfilling the content of amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The "for two" do not eat: excessive weight gain during pregnancy is not desirable and is punishable by special unloading days.

Can I exercise? In addition to proper nutrition for the unborn child and his mother are very important regular moderate exercise (of course, if pregnancy uncomplicated). After consulting a gynecologist, woman can choose the best way to keep fit and prepare for childbirth. You may want to enroll in a school for pregnant and start training together in the pool or yoga classes in the company of other moms.

Of course, pregnancy — It's very special, very important period in a woman's life. However, an "interesting situation" — not a reason to abandon the familiar and favorite things (of course, if they do not harm the health of the child). Observing reasonable limits, listening to the advice of the doctor and his own body, the expectant mother can work, to travel, to drive, to have sex — that is, to lead a full, active and interesting life.

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