Lightning struck in Homel skyscraper


Knocked out of the house bricks that fell on the car and shop signs. Photo: Paul Mickiewicz

07/05/11. — This noise and bright flash so I have not seen! — Says "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Gomel resident Dmitry Karpenko.

Tuesday afternoon when a heavy rain and storm, he came home in between work. — The cat was sitting by the open window, and suddenly the shock wave shook the whole house, and my Marusia rolled head over heels from the windowsill. I was like a fireball, but it turned out that the discharge is struck in the house next door just in front of my balcony.

Soon the 16-story high-rise on the street appeared Kosareva janitors and police. Lightning smashed the corner of the house near the roof. Part bricks flew down and fell on the car, and some of the most powerful strike brought the roof. Soon the workers climbed to the roof and began to fling down the bricks.

— As he fell, they broke up a sign shop on the ground floor, and nearly struck head passer — added an eyewitness.

In general, the incident ended with no casualties reported, "KP" spokesman Gomel Regional Emergency Management Ruslan Gabrilev:

— The house has triggered the fire alarm, rescuers went to the scene, but the fire and no injuries were reported.

Photos and text: Paul Mickiewicz

Source:  KP.RU — Belarus


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