Lilacs bloomed six months later in Mariupol. Video


12.10.11.Priroda continues to throw us surprises. That's one of the twenty-third district courts recently flowered white lilacs. It should have done it for almost six months ago. Why plants are confused at times, and how much might be worth now twig white lilac?

It bloomed just under nine-story balcony. Those with windows overlooking the courtyard, immediately found a mistake of nature. And some do not care. Mol — already seen enough to lilac.

— I lived for 70 years in a village near the lilacs. I know …

Others simply did not notice the white lilac.

— If you did not say I would not have paid attention.

Galina admired, promised to look for unusual bush and concluded.

Lilacs bloomed six months later

Galina — a local resident:

"Perhaps, after all something in this world is going on. Good ".

We decided to ask the experts. Maybe now all the lilacs will bloom twice a year?

— You see, these white flowers. This is what we have just photographed.

Elena Pavlyuchenko knows a lot about plants. And in the wild, and decorative. Its greenhouses — more than a thousand different species that grows out of the ground. And she says — all because the world has become a little warmer. Rstenie confuses spring to autumn. And it's dangerous for him.

ELENA Pavlyuchenko — Director COO "Decorative culture":

"This phenomenon is abnormal, it is not good. The network is in the winter the plant will go weak, and can even freeze slightly vymerznut do. "

And Irina from flower kiosk would like to see the white lilac in many of its bouquet. But where is it in the middle of October, get one?

IRINA — sells flowers:

"I do not even know what to say! Now its just you never take. Even if the imported version — it will be very expensive. Imported branch somewhere predalah 15-20 hryvnia would cost. "

Unusual there. The main thing — to be able to see.

Source: TRC "Sigma" — Mariupol

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