Liner Costa Concordia ran aground on non-existent rocks

January 14. Captain crashed off the coast of Tuscany Italian cruise liner Costa Concordia Skettino Franco (Franco Schettino) claims that his ship hit a rock that was not shown on the navigation map, local media reported.

Initially it was reported that the ship Costa Concordia, which was carrying more than 4.2 thousand people, including Russian tourists on Saturday night ran aground near the island of Giglio (Giglio) off the coast of Tuscany. The accident, at least three people were killed and 40 were wounded, including two seriously. However, these data are not conclusive: rescuers still can not identify where there are about 70 people who were on board.

Tuscan province Grossetto prosecutors filed charges of shipwreck and death. Immediately upon arrival at the island Giglio Skettino was questioned. He had to completely reconstruct the events and explain their decisions and actions of the crew during the accident. All primarily interested in the other large Italian cruise ship was in the vicinity of the coast of the island of Giglio.

As it became known to the media, the captain of Costa Concordia claimed during questioning that does not deviate from the prescribed course of the cruise. According to information from sources in the investigative agencies of Italy, the plane received a large hole in the bottom of a few nautical miles from Giglio and only then, will change the course, took the direction of the island.

"While driving on the cruise itinerary, we came across a rocky ridge, which was not marked (on the map). According to the nautical chart, in this place below us was to be enough depth, "- said after questioning Skettino television Tgcom24.

Captain's version actually confirmed and CEO of tourism company Costa Crociere, Gianni Onorato (Gianni Onorato). "Incorrect to say that our ship had deviated from the set course. There has been an unforeseen accident, complicated by an unexpected roll ship, "- said, in particular, the head of the company that owns the ship.

According to the latest data released by Costa Crociere, when the crash on board were 3.216 thousand passengers from 62 countries, including 108 Russians.

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Captain drowned liner told of strange reefs

January 14. Captain drowned ship Concordia interrogated. He said that he could not get off the route, assuming that the "lie" can navigational charts.

After nearly a day after the collapse of a huge cruise liner Costa Concordia off the Italian coast specialists make their first assumption — which is why there was still another catastrophe on the water. The main idea, which now occur to seafarers — the "human factor" or error command. Officials have so far refrained from commenting — to investigate, according to ITAR-TASS.

Version of the off-course, many deny giving solid arguments. In defense of the ship's captain Francesco Skettino stood CEO-owner Gianni Onorato. He said that Skettino — an experienced commander who sailed many times on this route, which would hardly make such a serious mistake. According to Onorato, the cruise route "doing is 52 times a year." Moreover, the plane was fairly well equipped: radar, GPS-system today virtually ruled out "Wrong Turn."

The captain Francesco Skettino today suggested: a ship to fly on "unmarked reefs on navigation charts." When the commander came ashore Giglio Island, he was immediately questioned by investigators. Italian media reported: captain recounted the sequence of the investigation of their actions.

Francesco Skettino, Captain Costa Concordia in an interview on Tgcom24: «During route guidance cruise we came across a rocky ridge, which was not marked (On the map. — Ed.). According to the nautical chart, in this place below us was to be sufficient depth".

Experts also point out that the captain acted as true under the circumstances — with confidence and quickly took perforated vessel to a shallower depth.

Source ITAR-TASS, "Assessing the seriousness of the situation, when the hull was damaged, he made a maneuver to get close to the shore, as well as specially planted ship aground, to avoid the risk of flooding."

Another version — people from the field of unprovable. Internet users today got hold of a short video that captures the moment of launching cruise liner, which is in the brochures describe as "floating paradise." Then, in 2005, the traditional ceremony — break a bottle of champagne on board — failed. From the first time did not work, and this, experts say — a bad omen.

Others already are horrifying statistics of marine accidents — endlessly sinking boats, ferries, trawlers, electric vessels. Thus, in 2011, the disaster occurred almost every month.

Itar-Tass quoted the in January from Java Island ferry caught fire, the victims — 27 injured — nearly 200. In April, the east Bangladesh passenger ship capsized: Four killed, 90 missing. In May, went missing in the Congo either 100, or 300 people — capsized barge. And accurate data on the number of those on board is not so far. In June — a fire on a ship in the Red Sea, drowned about 197 illegal migrants from neighboring countries, three survived.

In July — the terrible disaster in Russia sank double-deck diesel eletrohod "Bulgaria". Crash occurred during a thunderstorm in the Kuibyshev reservoir, three kilometers from the shore. Of the 201 people on board were killed 122.

In September, the ferry sank en route from Zanzibar in Tanzania. There was a strong overload — on board were more than 600 passengers, killing more than 240 people. In November, sank off the coast of Jordan ferry passengers were found. In December — again, the island of Java, again sailed illegal immigrants, found the body of 51, 150 people are still missing.

Source: NTV

Note: Also recall that in early October 2011 off the coast of New Zealand villages / container ship hit a reef "Rena". As he notes sarcastically online edition: "A ship stuffed with modern navigation and high-tech stranded"


Captain of the "Costa Concordia" spoke about the reasons for the collapse of

Ship "Costa Concordia" was damaged in the face with rocks that were not marked on maps. This was in an interview told the captain Tgcom24 liner Skettino Franco (Franco Schettino).

Skettino interview given after the examination on arrival at the island of Giglio, off the coast of which on the night of January 14, wrecked his ship. During questioning Skettino had to repair the events and explain the actions of the crew. As the captain, off course the "Costa Concordia" not deviate.

Representatives of the owner, the company Costa Crociere, also said that the ship should have the regular course, reports Associated Press. CEO Gianni Onorato (Gianni Onorato) noted that the route from Civitavecchia to Savona, "Costa Concordia" committed weekly, and the captain behind 11 years of experience.

Cruise ship "Costa Concordia" was the 70-meter hole in the evening of January 13. It was reported that the ship ran aground on the reefs or stumbled. On board were 4,234 people, most have quickly evacuated.

According to official data, the crash killed three people: two passengers, a Frenchman and a crew member from Peru. In addition, it is known that about 50 people were injured, although some media reports mention the 67 victims. Another 69 people remain missing. Their quest continues.

Among the passengers were citizens of Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and 108 Russians. According to preliminary information, none of them in the crash was not injured.

After the accident, ship lurched to starboard and began to sink. By Saturday evening the block "Costa Concordia" is almost completely gone under the water, but some are still visible above the surface. In Italy, police warned of the threat of water contamination due to oil spill.

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