Live magnets and X-ray vision




After the Chernobyl accident 76-year-old Russian factory worker Leonid Tenkan, his wife Galina, and their daughter, Tatiana, and their grandson Nick attract the metal objects. Leonid can keep the chest up to 23 pounds of metal.
Doctors in Russia and Japan believe that the ability Tenkaevyh real, nonfictional. "There is no doubt that the objects stick as if their bodies — magnets" — said in 1991, Dr. ATUS Kono impressed by what he saw.

It is noteworthy that Tenkaevy are not alone in their abilities. In 1990, at a conference in Sofia in Bulgaria gathered 300 of these "living magnet" after the young woman Marinela Brankova demonstrated its potential on television: it held 7 kg of metal on a vertical palm.

In the past decade it was proved that in the human brain are magnetic particles, but only in small amounts. Apparently, their presence is not linked to the above phenomenon, which is the case of telekinesis.

Although people with the gift of attracting metal is generally referred to as magnets, many of them can also hold on the body of plastic, glass, wood and paper items, and only some formed a "preference" to a particular material. It seems that this is not an electrostatic phenomenon: the Sofia conference participants do not lose the ability to attract objects, even wearing thick rubber gloves.

The attractive force is present mainly in the upper part of the body — the chest, arms and hands. It can be strengthened by exercise and concentration: some people hold multiple items, can let the individual items of their choice. One Bulgarian, Victoria Petrova, entertained the audience at the conference, making objects move through your body to the beat of the music.

Some living magnets have other amazing abilities, for example, X-ray vision, similar to the one that recently has shown the world a young Russian woman Natalia Demkina. Curiously, the increased incidence of such cases — or perhaps an increased interest in them — is present in Russia, Bulgaria and other Eastern European countries, leading some researchers to link these capabilities with leaks of radiation.

However, reports of the living magnets began to appear, at least from the middle of the XIX century, and it is said that the causes of this phenomenon is rooted in something else.

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