Livni paralyzed life in the Philippines capital Manila

Livni on Tuesday paralyze the Philippine capital of Manila, with its streets flooded by streams of water depth on the belt, were evacuated tens of thousands of people, reports the Associated Press.

The agency reports that as a result of the shower, do not stop the last 24 hours in Manila rivers burst their banks and water perehlestnula dam.

Through flooded streets could hardly move, not only cars, but even heavy trucks.

By the Government, in the capital on Tuesday, remained closed schools and government offices. Does not work the main stock exchange of the country.

Employees water Tuesday flushed out of the dam "La Mesa", placing it over the inbox to the metropolitan agglomeration Quezon City, Malabon, Valenzuela and Kalookan, which led to the flooding of several surrounding villages.

Heavy rains and strong winds to the Philippines in late July brought the typhoon "Saola", the victims of which, at last count, 51 people have become.

Forecasters warn that rainfall in the country will continue for several days.

Source: RIA "Novosti".

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