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In Russia full of water, covered with not less mysteries and secrets than the famous Loch Ness in Scotland. "Yakut hell," as the locals call the "host" of the lake Labynkyr — without a doubt, the real thing — a well-known researcher of artifacts, the head of the association "Kosmopoisk" Vadim Chernobrov. — During our recent expedition, he ate the dog that guarded the boat at night. On the surface of the lake many times people saw a giant snake head with a toothy maw … "

Ended the 12th day of arduous path on a frosty taiga. "Kosmopoisk" left to go less than a kilometer to the intended target — the mysterious Labynkyr. "You can not say that we had a difficult along the way, — says Chernobrov. — But if something or someone is constantly hampered progress …"

— Eyewitnesses we were looking for a very long time — continues the story of the expedition leader. — In the next to the lake and villages Tomtor Kuydusun (they are about 100 miles from the reservoir) the locals were not up to us. Yakut Dima grandfather, lighting papirosinu, just waved his hand, "No one there!" — "And was it?" — "Maybe it was, so what now … ecology"

But it soon became clear, many old-timers believe that the animal lives in the lake for a long time and is extremely aggressive. Once, for example, it chased the fisherman, Yakut, another time swallowed floating over a wounded dog with game … The driver Sergey Trounov the blue, as they say, eye told how the unknown "hell" in front of him dragged into the water year-old child …

But most often hunted deer were called. One local reindeer reindeer sleigh even think to tie to any tusk sticking out of thin ice, and while a fire on the beach, heard the crack. Tusk rocked the ice broke up, and something huge deer carried away into the abyss. Believing in the existence of the Scottish Loch Ness Monster is not even dream …

Description of "hell" at all similar — being a "huge, dark gray, with a large head, the distance between his eyes at least ten raft of logs." It is about one and a half meters.

A local farmer Peter Vinokourov believes that even more. On the northern shore of the lake, he picked up an unknown animal's jaw, and, according to him, it was so huge that "if you put vertically, then under it easily would have passed .., well, if you are not a horse, the colt." However, we see this relic had no chance. Vinokourov has admitted that she "had disappeared somewhere."

Among the most authoritative witness the miracle-Yuda — Head of geological party of the East Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR V.Tverdohlebov that in his diaries, July 30, 1953 in observations from the plateau Sordonnoh left the following entry:

"… The subject was swimming, and pretty close. This was something alive, an animal. It moved in an arc, first along the lake, then straight to us. As it approached, a strange torpor, from which grows cold inside, covered me. towered above the water a little bit dark gray hulk … clearly distinguished two symmetric bright spots, similar to the animal's eyes and body sticking out of something like a stick … We have seen only a small part of the animal, but underwater guessed huge massive body … The monster moves: a heavy cast, slightly lifted out of the water, it rushes forward, and then completely submerged under water. This came from his head waves are born under water. "Pops mouth, fish ' — flashed guess … There was no doubt: we saw the "dash" — the legendary monster of these places. "

In 1962, fishery biologists have expressed their doubts about the existence of waterfowl and raptor felt that there is a "monster — this is probably the refraction of light in water."

Among the critics of the theory of "northern Nessie" — Fellow of the Institute of Permafrost A.TOLSTOY, who claimed that in fact witnesses observed catfish the size of about five meters, weight up to three hundred pounds. This version proved to be unsustainable: in Labynkyr there are no catfish.

"Kosmopoisk" got into this wilderness during the coldest time of the year is not accidental. First, place the periodic appearances of the large creatures easier to see from a large gully in the ice. Secondly, no one has tried to get to the lake with the scientific objectives of the winter.

— Labynkyr was probed using Sonar X-48 (transmitter power of 600 W and a frequency of 192 kHz), — says Chernobrov. — At a depth of 39 meters found a sloping underground and submerged speed and two supposedly vertical stroke. On the shore of a lot of obscure tracks. Of particular interest are the ice build-up — stalagmites — traces of water flowing from the body crawled ashore. Judging by the bandwidth of stalagmites, the thickness of the carcass from which water flowed, about 1-1.5 m So "something" (or someone) crawled ashore from the water and … crept back.

At night, disappeared from our dog Laika. She volunteered to guard the boat lay on the beach and in the morning was gone. Dog traces of the boat was not. Move away without a trace of Laika could only toward the water, but the fact of the matter is that the water she was terrified to approach. How do we, starvation or lured fat, but closer than five feet she would not go. Apparently, something on the eve of her very scared.

What happened last night? Why she went to the water? Or dragged? Why we have not heard anything?

As we were informed by well-known host of "In the animal world," Nikolai Drozdov, on his initiative lake Labynkyr recently once again became the object of scientific research. Last spring, here are ten working days of the expedition MSU staff and journalists led by Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biogeography Lyudmila Emel'janovoj. Experts examined whether there is a relict lake waters unknown animal.

— The expedition studied the fauna of Lake neighborhood, probed his depth sounders, — said Nikolai Drozdov. — Preliminary results — in the deep mines of the lake is actually home to a living thing. While scientists are finding difficult to say, or it is a school of fish, or something that looked like a big fish. Anyway searching for the mysterious inhabitant continue.

However, it is not only in the mystery of Labynkyr. Russian lake, according to eyewitnesses, swarming with unknown life forms.

Similar legends go on Lake Nero in Rostov Veliky, Brosno in the Tver region near Moscow Bear Lake … Is all of this is a game of human imagination? Or is "lost world" has been with us? If so, from where they come from — the monster extinct millions of years ago?

— "Nessie Syndrome" — an extremely common worldwide phenomenon — a well-known researcher of unknown forms of life science, Sc.D., Professor Alexander Dubrov. — Today there are more than fifty lakes and colonies lake "monsters". We do not have sufficient grounds to deny any eyewitnesses, including many reputable scientists, nor, still less, to trust them as factual evidence of data artifacts to this day do not. Apparently, the solution of the phenomenon lies at the intersection of biology and physics. And yet still does not fit into the usual scientific paradigm. According to modern science, there is no monsters, because there can never be …

However, if fate will push you face to face with a monster — do not try to talk to him about it.

Leskov Natalia.

Trud-7 number 087 of 13.05.2004


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