Locusts in the Astrakhan region


12.06.11.Rezhim emergency introduced in Kamyzyaksky near Astrakhan region because of the threat of locust, reported on Sunday in the press service of the Southern Regional Emergency Center of Russia.
"Due to the complicated by a phytosanitary situation, to the threat of locusts in Kamyzyaksky near Astrakhan region from 15.00 on Sunday introduced a state of emergency," — said the spokesman.

According to him, in a survey area of 17 thousand 870 hectares of land locust revealed by 8 thousand 820 hectares.

"At the moment being taken to the processing of land, which was found locusts. Already processed 265 hectares. By terrestrial activities to eliminate pockets of locusts "- said the source.

The press service also said that the locusts have caused harm, destroying 200 hectares of hay. Damage estimated at approximately 600 million rubles.

Astrakhan Region Governor Alexander Zhilkin said that "are continuously monitoring the situation posed by the spread of locusts."

"We made a map of the fields, we have all the necessary information about the possible outbreak of grasshoppers pests in the region", — said the governor.

He also noted that, in the Astrakhan region to "take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of locusts in other rural land."

"We know the situation and take measures for the processing of land, in order to eliminate the possible threat of locusts" — said Zhilkin, "Interfax".


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