Loss of livestock and frost in Vietnam


21.01.11.Ot unusual for Vietnam cold for the last three weeks in the country killed more than 20,000 cows and bulls.

As reported by "The Associated Press", on Friday, said the head of department for the breeding of cattle Hoang Kim Giao.

According to him, most of the dead livestock (70%) — calves. Loss of livestock found in 18 provinces of Vietnam.

Also Friday, the Vietnam News edition sobschilo that there frost 7 people died. Most of them — from carbon monoxide poisoning from coal braziers that are used to heat rooms Vietnamese.

In addition, the sharp increase in the number of cases of respiratory diseases.

According to meteorologists, the cold will last in Vietnam another 2 weeks. There are now about -3.6 degree C typical for this time of year, 15 degrees.

IA "Most-Kharkov"

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