Lost world found in Antarctic

Antarctica is always attracted by its mysteries researchers from around the world, and many of them did not return from their dangerous missions.

Most recently, in the cold Antarctic was discovered a previously unknown world of the ocean floor. Tumultuous reign here hydrothermal flow and live special flora and fauna. The interesting thing is that this lost underwater, in cold Antarctic waters, is quite warm and dark.

However, the inhabitants of the secret underwater world feel perfectly in total darkness at a depth of 3,000 to 11,000 feet, where the pressure is 1000 bar, or 1 ton per 1 cm2. (!)

According to Professor of Zoology, Alex Rogers (Alex Rogers), University of Oxford, "hydrothermal wells, which are present in this underwater world, are home to many marine animals that are not found anywhere else on the planet. Amazing thing is that they get their energy not from the sun, and in the process of disintegration of chemical compounds such as hydrogen sulfide. "

"The first studies of this region at the bottom of the Southern Ocean near Antarctica have introduced us to a completely new and unknown hot and dark world in which he lives a number of previously unknown marine organisms" — the professor added.

Researchers surprised to find that in these conditions with little or no light, where no plants grow, can inhabit living organisms. They believe that this lost world gives a clear idea of what conditions could prevail on some planets and their satellites, particularly on Jupiter — Europe. It is in Europe, scientists draw an analogy in this case.

This lost world was found using remotely operated underwater vehicle ROV, which was able to detect not only the amazing marine life at great depths, and measured the temperature of the hydrothermal wells, from which come the hot clubs of hydrogen sulfide. Their temperature is 382 degrees Celsius. In such extreme conditions, the researchers were able to detect some species of crabs, octopuses and some completely unknown animals.

Source: infuture.ru

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