Maelstrom of horror: anomalies, bringing death

November 19, 2011 16:44

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When the Coast Guard officers boarded the ship, they were met by a half-dead dog. More aboard a Cuban vessel "Rubicon" was empty, although personal belongings of the crew were in the cabins. The ship itself was fine, but he was cut off the tow rope and missing all the lifeboats. It was in October 1944, was in the midst of World War II, and yet it is unclear what made the crew to abandon ship.

This case once again forced to recall the mysterious events that took place at different times in the south-east coast of the United States, in the western Atlantic Ocean, in the region, which is called the Bermuda Triangle. He is called so because of the fact that his side are drawn from a point north of Bermuda's south of the Florida peninsula, and then along the Bahamas to the island of Puerto Rico, where he again turned to the north and returned to Bermuda, making a plane triangle. There are constant mysterious disappearances of ships, aircraft, large-scale natural disasters occur in the form of fierce storms, earthquakes and tsunamis. Here electromagnetic devices are deteriorating, arrows compass starts spinning wildly, causing the ship captains and pilots to lose orientation in space.

Dangerous triangle

It all started back in 1840, when close to Nassau — the main city of the Bahamian archipelago was discovered completely intact, "Rosalie", on board of which there was not a single person. As in the case of the "Rubicon" living thing on the ship was still, but not a dog and a canary. All lifeboats were untouched, as cargo. In addition, the sailing was considerable reserve of fresh water and food. The investigation did not produce any results, and the conclusion of investigators and was not convincing at all: the crew was the victim of mass insanity, in which all the sailors and the captain jumped overboard.

Apparently, there also followed the captain and sailors sailing "Seabord" thrown in summer 1850 on a bank near the village of Easton Beach on the Atlantic coast of the United States. Climb aboard the villagers found boiling on the stove galley coffee, fully decorated table inside the ship, and the only living creature was again the ship's dog. Needless to say that the ship was in good condition, all the documents and the goods were in place, but the result was inconclusive?

Further more. In 1872, David Morehouse, the captain of the English brig "Day's Grace," remarked drifting brigantine "Mary Seliste." The group went on board in the person of the first mate and two men could not find a single member of the crew. Found only peacefully sleeping cat, which, of course, did not help clarify the situation. Captain Briggs, his wife and two year old daughter and eight sailors disappeared. On the table in the mess were bread, butter, bacon, eggs, coffee was neostyvshy. A sewing machine was the wife of captain opened, and the captain's bed lay a toy. In a safe and cargo — 1,700 barrels of alcohol, as well as semi-annual reserve of fresh water and food. True, lost all navigation instruments, documents, and the only lifeboat.

The vessel was taken in tow and taken to Gibraltar, where he was carefully examined by Scotland Yard officers and scientists, but to no avail. Version of the mutiny, launched by police, was obviously forced. After a long trial, Lloyd's of London insurance company paid the crew of the "Dey Grace" award for the "salvation" "Mary Seliste" and proposed a very unusual version, to explain the disappearance of people. According to the insurers, the crew of the brigantine was sore afraid flash alcoholic vapors, which forced them to abandon ship and leave the boats in the ocean, where they were killed. In my opinion, complete nonsense, as the police version.

And in 1881 there was a very strange and mysterious case. English ship "Ellen Austin", found in the central Atlantic deserted schooner landed her small crew, after which the two vessels headed for the island of Newfoundland. After some time, the court lost each other because of dropped to the sea of thick fog. When a few days later, "Ellen Austin" found aboard, no one was there. Captain "Ellen Austin" persisted and, despite the reluctance of the sailors, sent aboard more people, because on board was a cargo of valuable mahogany. And then began a terrible storm, the ships went to sea again, and the schooner was lost forever with the new crew.

Continued and the mysterious disappearance of the XX century. In January 1921, on a bank in U.S. Atlantic coast village pyatimachtovaya schooner "Carroll A. Deering." Re familiar picture: the galley was ready meals, but no sailor, but of living only two cats. It is still unknown what happened to the crew, which consisted of 12 people. How, indeed, is incomprehensible fate sailors schooner "Gloria Colitis" from the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, discovered in February 1940 in the Gulf of Mexico, and many other ships.

The numbers are impressive, it is only after 1945 in the Bermuda Triangle disappeared without a trace more than 100 ships, aircraft, and more than a thousand people.

Not at Pacific

Of course, the number of mysterious incidents notorious triangle clearly in the lead, but we should not forget that the mysterious events took place in other parts of the world.

In June 1947, several radio stations caught a desperate call for help from the Dutch ship "Uranga honey." «SOS … SOS … All the officers, including the captain, lay dead in the chart room and on the bridge. Probably the whole crew is dead … Perhaps I'm the one left alive … "- aired radio operator. This was followed by indecipherable series of dots and dashes, after which there was a short but clear message: "I am dying." When the signal is able to locate, it became clear that the ship is in distress in the Strait of Malacca, located between the Malay Peninsula and the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The call for help was sent to all nearby vessels, and within a few hours the ship "Silver Star" dropped by "Uranga Medan" rescue team. Sight, appear to rescuers was awful — the whole team was dead. The captain was on the bridge, the officers and men — in the steering and chart room, in the wardroom. Was found in the workplace and a dead radio operator, until the last moment tried to report the tragedy. Ship's dog died and his face was downturned as if he was going to attack someone. Dead were no injuries or damage to the body, but on every face turned to one side, frozen look of horror.

The captain of "Silver Star" immediately rejected the version of pirate attacks, since the goods and all the values were in place, but had to abandon the towing "Uranga Honey" at the port, since the lower deck of the ship began to rise acrid smoke. And hardly had time to go to rescue his ship as "Uranga Medan" exploded. So the mystery of the death of the crew, "Uranga Medan" is still not disclosed, although some experts believe the cause of death for people poison gas, which may have been transported in the hold of the ship.

Continued and the mysterious disappearance of the crew. For example, in 1955, in the Pacific Ocean was found an American yacht "CF Elite" with a full supply of water and food, but the lack of crew. Then, near the Fiji Islands was discovered the ship "Jyoti", which came from Western Samoa to the archipelago of Tokelau. Thirty-six people on board the "Jyoti" disappeared. In 1960, in the same situation, but in the Atlantic Ocean were once two British boats, and 10 years later is completely depopulated British cargo ship "Milton" and the Norwegian fishing vessel "Anna".

Anomalous zones

Zones, dangerous for shipping, to our planet a lot. One of the most famous of these sites is the so-called Devil's Sea, located in the Pacific Ocean south of Japan. This sea you will not find on any map, only sailors know very well where they are, and do everything to get around it by. This is not surprising, because there are nine ships disappeared, and all the livestock side of this part of the ocean, where a sudden storm begins, as suddenly turning into a dead calm. In this zone are generated tropical cyclones and typhoons, the bottom of the ocean is in the process of active formation, as a result of seismic activity continuously appear and disappear new volcanic island.

Do not favor the sailors and the Strait of Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Standing waves, or, as they are called, "killer waves", which reach heights of over 30 meters, caused the death of an area large number of vessels. And these waves for a long time do not change their height, and in front of them formed a deep depression. Saved in such a situation is practically impossible.

No less famous and whirlpool Maelstrom appearing twice a day in the north-west coast of Norway. You can imagine the enormous crater, and at its center is a giant basin, the water level in which tens of meters below the ocean? Fantastic picture, which was once well described Poe. And about once every 100 days vortex changes its direction. The spectacle is not for the squeamish.

The sad statistics

Unfortunately, the flight crew lost in the XXI century. True, this is largely the fault lies with the modern pirates, especially active in the African continent. However, the mysterious disappearance of the crew is also underway.

In 2003, the Coast Guard plane Australia discovered Indonesian schooner 'Em High 6 ", which holds were full of caught mackerel. Where are the 14 sailors — a mystery. In the same area, but in 2006 there was absolutely deserted tanker "Yang Seung." In the same year found no people, Coast Guard Italy have detained two-masted sailing ship "Bel Amica" off the coast of Sardinia.

In January 2008, the press service of the Russian Transport Ministry reported a loss of connection with the Russian vessel "Kapitan Uskov" move from Nakhodka to Hong Kong. Neither cargo ship or its crew of 17 people were never found. In February of that year, Japan's coast guard found the deserted Rescue Motorboat with the missing ship.

This statistic is infinite, and every year adds new sad and unresolved events. Apparently, humanity will have to accept the fact that on this planet there are a number of areas where cases of unexplained incidents involving ships, planes and their crews.

Similar incidents have always been, but the answer to the question about their reasons no one has so far. One of the most reasonable version was proposed in 1937 by the Soviet Hydrophysics Vladimir Shuleikin. While passing on the Kara Sea hydrographic vessel "Taimyr" one of the experts pointed out that when he approaches the ear sounding balloon, filled with hydrogen, felt a sharp pain in the eardrum. When he moved the ball, the pain goes away. Located on the "Taimyr" Shuleikin interested in this strange effect, calling it "the voice of the sea." Back on solid ground, Shuleikin published an article in which he argued that the wind during a storm creates not audible to our ears, but harmful to human LF infrasonic vibrations. At a frequency below 15 Hz exposure increases, there is a disorder of the brain centers, such as vision, and at a frequency of less than seven hertz people may even die.

Indeed, recent studies have confirmed that the application of infrasound animals and people experience anxiety and irrational fear. But a storm is generated infrasound at a frequency of about six hertz. If the intensity of vibration is less lethal, on the crew of the breaking waves of unfounded fear, terror and panic. This condition is enhanced even more if the ship itself, with all its equipment is in resonance and becomes a secondary source of infrasound, under whose influence distraught people throwing everything, run the ship.

Article from "Echo of the Planet."

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