Major mobile operators agreed to the release of SIM-cards with NFC chips


17.11.11.Mezhdunarodnaya Association of GSM (GSMA) today announced that 45 major mobile operators supported standard SIM-card with an embedded chip NFC. This was reported in the press release GSMA.

Some of the statements included Chinese China Mobile and China Unicom, which together serve about 800 million customers, as well as AT & T, Deutsche Telecom, Orange, SK Telecom, Verizon and Vodafone. Of Russian operators is listed in the MTS.

Operators are obliged to "support and promote" SIM-card with a chip NFC, and to offer its customers services that imply the use of contactless technology. GSMA for its part has developed new specifications for such cards.

MTS releases SIM-card with a chip NFC, but the project has an experimental character. In June 2010 it was announced that the Moscow metro passengers will pay for travel, bringing to the validator turnstile mobile phone. In October 2011, MTS equip "readers" NFC gas station "Lukoil" in Perm. Money for gasoline deducted from the subscriber's account.

Contactless communication technology NFC (Near-Field Communication) can be used, inter alia, to make payments or to exchange files between mobile devices. NFC chips built into some models of smartphones, in particular in the Nokia N9 and Galaxy Nexus.

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Total control in action.



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