Map of Milky Way needs urgent correction




Australian astronomers have discovered a new branch of the giant Milky Way. This means that the urgent need to change the map of our galaxy.

Gas "process" has a length of 77 thousand light-years wide — a few thousand light years away. Hydrogen mass runs along the outermost edge of the galaxy around the four main branches, which circulate around the nucleus. Since this "hand" is not in the visible part of the light spectrum for a telescope to detect it is not enough.

A piece of the Milky Way, not previously applied to the star map was discovered employees serving Australian National Telescope, located in New South Wales, which maps the distribution of the mass of hydrogen. Most of the Milky Way is hidden behind interstellar dust, but hydrogen emits radio waves which pass through the dust clouds and which thus can be detected by radio telescopes. Leading astronomer Naomi McClure-Griffiths admitted that she was astonished that such a giant cluster of scientists simply "viewed".

According to the materials

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