Media try to expose those who profit from climate change

Popular American newspaper "Washington Times" appealed to his countrymen with a sensational article. Journalists tried to open the eyes of the Americans on how government agencies are enriched with taxpayers' money under the guise of environmental ideas. According to the authors, the modern bureaucrats and politicians are so afraid of accusations of environmental inaction that put their signatures under everything, what fixed the so-called "fashion green label." Because of this, at best, public money is spent effectively, and at worst — a group of people, spreading panic around global warming, just richer. Journalists are not unfounded. In 2010, they averaged 641 in the country of the target program that runs 130 different federal agencies. But this is all the money Americans spent on the purchase of "supposedly more environmentally friendly transport", lending and tax breaks "green" industries. For example, the U.S. Department of Commerce funding a wind energy development, a program of clean energy and economic missions, a program of global climate change mitigation, fund a program to encourage the sustainable development of priority investment programs, and green … And these are just some of them. Programs that are allocated a lot of money often overlap. For example, the Commerce Department is also working on a program "Initiative using green courts," and the Ministry of Defense has a similar program. Only the Navy at the same time support the program for renewable energy, energy program on security and independence, a program of alternative fuels, and many others. Newspaper journalists argue that the real economy is not interested in the allocation of money for the hopelessly uneconomic windmills and solar panels. Asked someone taxpayer how justified allocation of 34 billion dollars of loans for the development of environmental programs? In conclusion, the article argues that the market should be free and not politicized, then of the many environmental initiatives remain only those who really need them.PHOBOS

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