Meenakshi Temple.

In an area of 5 hectares in Madurai spread its open spaces and bright colorful temple complex. In the 17th century, it was erected in honor of Meenakshi — the deity, the wife of Siva himself. In the church you can see the holy things, which are related to the life and marriage of Meenakshi.

Over a large area is not only a temple, but a lot of other buildings, which together create an unusual ensemble. Everything is decorated with luxurious sculptures. Here you can see the statues of sacred animals, graceful dancers and enthusiastic musicians. Decorate the entire complex of buildings original towers, which are located around important structures.

Due to the large number of columns, decorated with carvings, stands a large room of Shiva. It is an interesting and unusual museum, which is available to all travelers. But in the temple only allow believers. Inside the temple complex there are many small bodies of water. The most famous — Golden Lily. It is reached crowds of pilgrims. After all, here you can take a ritual bath. Yes, and just sit in the shade of spreading trees here are very nice. Both adults and children will enjoy leisurely walks here. And especially for travelers here a souvenir shop, which sells handicrafts Indian masters.



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