Men in Black — revenge

April 7, 2012 15:40

If you are even slightly interested in the UFO themes, of course, you know about these mysterious "men in black". They usually come to the witnesses any anomalies are a reputable researchers and scientists who are on the verge of some discovery.

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Purpose of visit: to persuade witnesses to give their testimony, documentary evidence to destroy the UFO crash or contact with "aliens." What do they talk with the scientists — is unknown, because even the most notorious troublemakers science suddenly radically change their views, abandon all previous theories, go crazy … or die.

On the Internet, there are several sites dedicated to this issue. Typically, researchers are paying attention to the unknown, for example, the following fact.

Bristol, 1986. Imposing man neatly tied a rope to a tree trunk, made a loop at the other end and put it in her head and abruptly pulled the car from the scene. Police said that the death of Professor Arshad Sharif was instantaneous. No one will ever know why he had to drive a hundred kilometers from his native London to Bristol, to commit an act of suicide.

After a few days of the Bristol bridge rushed down the other London professor Vimal Dazibay.

Both scientists involved in developing the top-secret electronic weapons and actively engaged in the problem of UFOs.

American researcher unknown, the famous writer Sidney Sheldon, who decided to investigate the case, suddenly came to a terrible secret. It turned out that died under mysterious circumstances more than two English scientists.

Here's a snippet "list Sheldon":
January 1987. Avtar Singh-Gad was missing declared dead.
February 1987. Peter Pigegel crushed their car in the garage.
March 1987. David Senyas committed suicide, sending the car at high speed into the building cafe.
April 1987. Mark Wiesner — hanged himself.
April 1987. Stuart Gooding — killed.
April 1987. David Greenhalgh — fell from the bridge.
April 1987. Shani Warren — drowned.
May 1987. Biker Michael — was killed in a car accident …

None of the scientists involved in the super-secret weapons and the problem of UFOs, not died naturally. Is this a coincidence?
The most incredible hypothesis that exists on this subject, — alien aggression, attempts to subjugate the mind of a human race. Not too crazy version?

Honestly, the answer to this question and would like to rotate the finger at his temple. They have nothing to do, whether that these "aliens" in order to bring the earth scientists to suicide? Maybe then tried other "men in black" — residents quite prosaic foreign intelligence. And yet known Russian researcher unknown Lelyanova inclined to think that with us for a different reason present. In the archives of the commission "Phenomenon", which includes Lelyanova, on this account has an extensive dossier.

Here are a few facts about him:

1889. In the lab of Nikola Tesla recorded a mysterious signal from space.
1921. Strange signals received Gilelmo Marconi.
1928. Scientific press reported on the mysterious "echoes" of any facility located outside the Earth's ionosphere.
1959. NASA researchers recorded signals unknown satellite of our planet.
1961. The project Ozma search artificial radio signals in space group of Dr. Frank Drake bugged sector star Tau Ceti. Were captured clearly coded pulses. The Pentagon said the researchers intercepted the transmission of classified military radio …

Many similar cases, all you name it.

"Despite the explanation of the military, scientists were not satisfied. Astronomers have spent another two exploration program — Ozma Ozma-2-3. And every time "something happened." But endless disputes, "artificial" or is a "natural", so to anything and failed — says Galina Lelyanova. — The archives of researchers of anomalous phenomena, too, can find a lot of interesting evidence on this subject. For example, 27 November 1977 south-west of London in about 120 square kilometers of a sudden there was a violation of broadcasting. Image from TV disappeared, and an unknown voice said that he is a representative of an extraterrestrial civilization that mankind is on the wrong path, that earthlings must destroy weapons of evil, and the time for that there is not much …

Police are actively engaged in search of "alien", loudly promised to soon submit it to the public in court. And later on, so no one, and finding only shyly spread her hands. Specialists in London broadcast involved in the investigation, said that he did not represent the way the joker managed to carry out his show — too bulky and expensive equipment is required. Of course, all this could be a skillful hoax. But … why even in jest not to assume that they are already here? "

In developing this version, G. Lelyanova recalls that scientists have discovered a mysterious echoes of signals sent to the sky, as if some body reflected to Earth at varying intervals. And an expert on the "CC" (extraterrestrial) R. Bracewell suggested that it was "the work of" an alien probe, secretly orbiting our planet. Subsequent studies failed to confirm or refute this idea.

And if it's still a UFO? In this case, a mother ship on the "little plates" landed troops, equips several secret bases … take human form, the aliens are introduced into the Earth organization in key positions to gradually, not explicitly guide our civilization to the correct path.

"In a world of strange things are happening — the researchers D. and G. Lelyanova Azarov. — Humanity is changing before our eyes as a species. More and more so-called "contactee" hearing "otherworldly voices" had an extraordinary psychic abilities. Scientists attribute this to the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, which is considerably decreased.

Academician Treasurers confirmed this effect in kipomagnitnyh cameras. In humans, isolated from these cells from the external field, manifested telepathic and other unusual abilities. But who can guarantee that the planet's magnetic field varies in a natural way? There are serious doubts about this. There are too many unexplained events happening lately.

Why, for example, there is a "zone of madness", covering the Earth deadly ring? Judge for yourself — Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Lebanon, Iraq, then Yugoslavia, Moldova, Georgia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia, Tajikistan, Chechnya … You may say that all these wars and conflicts — political phenomenon. Why, then, they are accompanied by earthquakes, other unusual natural phenomena? Why are "hot spots" clearly fits into the ring, as if a probe circling the planet in its orbit, sowing under a feud, aggression, natural disasters?

Sheldon's list — it could only "list of strange coincidences." Or maybe not … After all, in the history of mankind the most fantastic and even crazy ideas often confirmed reality.

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