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November 26, 2011 19:33

First of all, it should be noted that people have different sensitivities, so that a different perception of UFOs. Know a number of cases where individuals long before the appearance of a UFO had unreasonably excited and a premonition of something unusual. Significant impact on the psyche of people is sometimes the mere appearance of a UFO. At this point, some suddenly wake up with a sense of some concern, and go to the windows, where they see a UFO appeared.

 Particularly strong specific effects on the psyche of people has their presence in the vicinity of the UFO. In some cases, it causes the witnesses fear or even terror.
In Allier (France) people went to the big glowing dome, landing in the side of the road, but half way through its strong gripped gratuitous horror. He felt that he had cramped muscles, hair up, chills ran down his back and began tachycardia. Soon gave way to panic, fear, and the witness fled. In August 1979, the Polish fishing boat "Hel-127? was in the sea near the Hel Peninsula. Suddenly, above the sea appeared strange fiery red pulsating object the size of a football. Shomborg boat skipper felt a strange numbness, pain in the chest, and began to lose his sight. At the same time he began to have a fear of what is not known even in the storm. Elvart steering too numb and even threw the steering wheel and the other two crew members, and the Bona Figursky went out to the bridge, felt a strong pain in my temples. Strange ball accompanied the boat for 20 minutes, then behind, but Shomborga a long time would not let some unknown sense of fear (Polsha. 1988. N8).
Perhaps this fear is caused by radiation emanating from UFOs. The ongoing experiments in different countries have shown that getting into the electromagnetic field of a certain, very high frequency, a person begins to experience feelings of fear and depression. There are also cases where a UFO or rays emanating from a witness led to a state of great excitement.
Sometimes a close encounter with a UFO witnesses ended for more serious consequences associated with severe trauma, causing a general breakdown of the mental state. In February 1975, residents of the French town of La Reunion Severen after a brief stay near hovering at low altitude strange object, like a hat, temporarily lost the power of speech, and then the vision. Only a week later, when his condition improved slightly and we recovered Severen could tell the gendarmes, what happened to him. However, when trying with the gendarmes to revisit the venue with UFO Severen every time again lost consciousness. Doctor examined him concluded, state of extreme fatigue with prostration of the strong emotional shock.
Sometimes UFOs seem to affect the subconscious mind and the witnesses, and this effect lasts for some time, and after a meeting with UFOs. It is expressed in the fact that in some cases people who were in the vicinity of these objects, remember all that had happened to them before meeting with a UFO after it, but that was during the meeting itself, completely falls out of their minds. Sometimes the gap can not recover using the so-called regression hypnosis.
In foreign sources cited several examples of people subjected to regression hypnosis, recalled dog, what happened to them during the meeting with the UFO. So it was, in particular, in 1961, and their spouses Hill, in 1961, Herbert Schirmer, in 1973, Hickson and Parker and a police sergeant 0 `Connor in the U.S. in 1974 with his family Evis in England, 1976, with three Americans in the state of Kentucky and N. Julien in France.
However, experts on hypnosis indicate that there is no certainty that the restored picture mesmerized true, and is not imposed by their subconscious.
In addition, the known, and other cases, when, with the help of hypnosis could not get witnesses to recall what happened to them .. happened for a while, until their consciousness has been disabled. And in some cases, the witnesses themselves without hypnosis gradually recalled the circumstances of his meeting with UFOs.
UFO impact on the psyche of some people who were close to a UFO, and was expressed in the fact that they are then in a few days have seen a very real and recurring nightmares from which they woke up in a very excited state. This was the case with the housewife V. from Wellington (Great Britain) and the owner of the farm with his son in Delphos, who for a few nights after meeting with UFO nightmares.
Recorded a few cases where people who were near the object landed, then slept for weeks and months for 16 hours a day. In very rare cases, after a close encounter with a UFO intelligence witnesses increased sharply or they have a capacity for ultrasensitive perception.
So it was, in particular, with illiterate watchman Maseyrasom old Brazilian, who after irradiation UFO in December 1972, he became free to argue on philosophical, theological and astronomical topics, solve complex mathematical problems. He listed the Milky Way Constellations, predicted geological disasters and began carving stone sculpture he had seen a UFO.
UFO impact the subconscious has not been studied, although it is possible that it is in this direction and should strengthen our major efforts in order to quickly determine the nature of the UFO phenomenon. So far it is not clear what the mechanism of certain manifestations of physical and mental effects of UFOs especially on people.
Apparently only the fact that no magnetic field or the known high-frequency radiation is not able to influence the human body in this way. Apparently, it all comes through some very subtle and yet unknown to our science fields, perhaps, those dealt with by the parapsychology. In concluding this section, it should be noted that the physical and mental effects on the UFO people are not always seen, and in some cases, people who were in the immediate vicinity of the UFO, do not feel any effect.
UFO impact on soil and vegetation.
The impact of a UFO on the ground and ice shows, mainly when they are so-called landing, which took place on all continents, including in our country.
In foreign sources indicate that at present more than 5,000 recorded UFO landing in 65 countries (mostly in the U.S., France, Canada, Spain, Australia, Argentina, England and Brazil). By the way, the French gendarmerie no longer doubt the ability of UFOs to land and take off. The confirmation of this is the questionnaire survey of the landing, sent to the French Gendarmerie Directorate, which recommends detailed the form of a landing facility, the remaining traces of the landing and perceptions of eyewitnesses.
Most often occur at night and landing in remote outback areas, far from the big cities, although known case occurred in August 1965 in Lima (Peru), when the UFO sat on the roof of the school, wrote about all the Peruvian newspaper.
According T.Fillipsa, the average residence time of UFOs on Earth is about 5 minutes. In most cases, egg-shaped UFO land diameter of about three meters, or objects, shaped dish with a diameter 9.7 m.
When planting UFO typically produce landing gear, and sometimes sit on the body in a horizontal position, although there are cases when they landed "on the edge". After take-off on the ground of their UFO landings, about 50% of cases, there are various signs of mechanical stress. Sometimes on the basis of finding dents, which, apparently, formed under the weight of the objects when they are landing directly on the body.
According to the candidate of technical sciences S.P.Kuzionova in June 1984 on the site of a large UFO landing near the town Kattakurgan (Uzbek SSR) found three dents 8 m in diameter and a depth of 5 cm
Detected similar dents in the snow. In a letter sent to the Commission on anomalous phenomena, geologist E.Bachurin reported that winter in 1962 during aerial hydrological observations of Yak-42 in the basin Calva and Visscher in the northern part of the Perm region revealed two sagging perfect circle in the snow diameter of 60 m at a distance of 300 m from each other.
In Perm newspaper "Young Guard" (1988.27 November) posted a description of the phenomena observed in the same Bachurin in October 1983 in Kishertskom area, on the border of the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions, 12 km from the village Molebka. Bachurin evening saw at some distance from Molebka a bright glow on the ground, and the next morning found this place perfectly round thawed diameter of 62 m, from which the snow in different directions diverged "rays length of 60-70 m and a width at the base up to 12 m and at the end — 4-5 pm The grass in the center was pinned down and thawed patches prisushit, and all around her costs should be fleeing animals. It was found that after exposure to thaw hours Bachurina reason behind the 1.5 hours. Soil analysis in this thaw made Gorky researchers of anomalous phenomena, showed elevated it zirconium and other rare earth elements.
On the ice sometimes found unexpectedly appeared polynya regular geometric shapes, which are associated with the possible UFO landing and taking off.
In April 1968, on a frozen lake Uppremen (Sweden) had a huge triangular polynya area of 500 m. It seemed that a large object falling from the sky, broke the ice thickness of 80 cm and scattered it around, shattering into pieces. Has been suggested that this could make a big sagebrush UFO that two weeks ago, saw close to the lake.
In October 1968, a strange round ice-hole diameter of 50 m with scattered around chunks of ice was found in another Swedish lake near Arvidsyavra.
In our country, in January 1990 in the Ukraine Merefa A.Vorontsov watched from close range unknown object, resembling a child's toy — whirligig enormous size (diameter about 25 m and a height of almost 10 m.) In the center of the object is visible blue stripe, and on top a small pin. Object hanging at low altitude over the extension of the river Mzha, and under its influence, the circle of ice with a diameter of about 22 meters away in the water.
Ten minutes later, the object immediately went straight up and hovered at a height of 30 m, and then flew off in the direction of the village wheelwright, then was under the terms of ice water slowly surfaced. Later, the circle at the place froze rupture, causing an even formed a ring in the form of a roller made of ice and snow.
There were also other physical traces of the object. The tops of some trees, over which it flew, was broken, and on the grass field with the trajectory of an object under the willows showed signs of high temperature burn.
In other cases, local landings are grooves that can also be classified as traces of UFO landing gear. These grooves are straight or funnel shape, and form an equilateral triangle, a square or polygon. Their number usually varies from three to six.
Three symmetrically placed rectangular grooves were found on the ground UFO landing in 1966-1967. in the suburbs of Madrid — Alucho and Santa Monica, 1970 near the village Enebaken (Sweden) and in 1979 on the outskirts of the city Zolochiv, Kharkiv region, and in 1966 — four identical holes left on the ice of the lake near the town of New Jersey (Pennsylvania).
In the catalog, UFO, compiled by Ted Phillips, is the detection of 62 cases of depressions or holes. There are also cases in the field of detection UFO landing one or more deep wells, which, apparently, can not be associated with traces of landing gear.
So, after landing an unknown spherical object near the village of Vladimirovka Kuibyshev region in October 1989, on the site of his landing was discovered a strange hole measuring 40×60 cm and a depth of 60 m, which was unusual in that it was not about the remnants of dredged material. The first Secretary Khvorostyanskaya District Party Committee and Chairman of the Executive Committee V.Mahova A. Dobin who went on November 4 UFO landing site, the impression that the land in this place, as it were stabbed by some gigantic rod.
Another case. On top of a hill near the village Gladkovskaya (Taman Peninsula) in summer 1989 was found a strange flat area on which a circle with a diameter of 12 m symmetrically placed five mysterious round holes. The holes are the same, with a diameter of up to two and a depth of three meters, tapering upward like inverted buckets. The walls of the hole consisted of an alloy of expanded clay, sintered at a temperature of 1200-1300 '. It is also significant that the strontium, titanium and rare earth elements on the site is much higher than normal.
The age of these inexplicable holes, experts identified two to three years, with no sign of human activity on the hill were found. The impression that the earth's species of these holes evaporate under the influence of a powerful radiation. The emergence holes are difficult to explain other than the rays, proceeding from an unknown object or land on this site, or low hovering over her.
Analysis of soil samples from UFO landing sites indicates that it was so dry, it does not sink in water. In addition the soil is heavily crushed, as if it has been subjected to powerful ultrasonic radiation. It is these results were obtained in the analysis of the soil at the landing in Sharapova Hunt from Moscow.
In place of UFO landing in Delphos (Kansas) in November 1972 was so dehydrated soil to a depth of 35 cm, which is within three months is not absorbed the water. In addition, a ring of soil around the trunks of trees in this place shine for neskolkoh nights. At the same time people have to touch glowing areas fingertips for two weeks to lose sensitivity.
The catalog is a Phillips 35 cases of dehydration of the soil on the ground UFO landing.
Landing on the ground there were abnormal presence of substances that are not typical for the area, in particular, magnesium, manganese, tin, and the oily green rapidly evaporating liquid, which has no analogues in the world.
In place of UFO landing in Delphos amount of zinc in the soil was higher than in the surrounding area, 200 times, copper and iron in the 50 to 20 times. Was also found green liquid whose composition could not be established.
Recorded as cases where a UFO while flying to the ground fell strange long strands of white, nicknamed "angel hair." These threads are gradually transformed into studinistuyu smelling mass that quickly evaporated. Touching it causes itching and stain hands. Loss of "angel hair" occurred in France, Italy, the U.S. and New Zealand. Spectral analysis of the remains of these "hair", by researchers at the University of Florence, has shown the content of boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium.
In his lectures F.3igel argued that the study "angel hair", derived from New Zealand, in some of our institutions are not allowed to identify them with known substances on earth and brought the conclusion of academic I.V.Petryanova-Sokolov: "… they are of interest as fine-fibrous material and are hardly natural compound. "
UFO impact on vegetation is expressed primarily in the fact that the field landings often find circles or rings or crushed grass burned and charred or broken trees.
In February 1963 in Alzogeray (Argentina) were found on the land two countries should form rings with a diameter 3.3 m, in which not only the grass, but its roots to a depth of 10 cm is completely burned. Studies have shown that these sites were exposed tempreratury 1000 `. A few days before that, there have seen UFOs flying low over the ground.
Circles of burnt grass on the landing UFO were found in 1968 in Pirass (Brazil) and Necochea (Argentina), and in 1968 — north of Ottawa (Canada).
In place of a UFO landing near Ngatea (New Zealand) in 1969 was discovered circle with a diameter of 2 m, within which the cane was burned only from within, and outside is intact.
In 1989-1990, many newspapers were placed messages and photos of strange clearly defined areas perfectly round, arising in the fields of wheat and canola in southern England. The diameter of the circles is from 3 to 100 m (il.44).
The first mention of such circles in England refers to 1678, and in recent years their number has increased. In 1987 in the South of England was discovered about 50 mysterious circles, in 1988 — 98, 270 in 1989, but only for the first half of 1990, more than 200. Large circles around sometimes symmetrically arranged small circles. Thus in circles all stems felled wheat usually lie only in a clockwise direction, and inside small only in the opposite direction, as if they were exposed to some objects, rotating in opposite directions. Outside those circles wheat ears are intact.
An impressive example of a community group, found in Winchester, was shown the Leningrad television in April 1989, around a large circle with a diameter of 12 m there symmetrically placed four small circle diameter of 3m.
Noteworthy and strictly symmetrical arrangement of groups of identical circles that form equilateral triangles or squares, triangles with a circle in the center of the circle or square in the center, resembling a domino with five points. And around the same circles are sometimes found even in one or two thin rings.
Recently, the group structure of such disks are becoming more complex. So in Wiltshire found an unusual group of nine arranged in a line and connected by circles and rectangles with parallel branches.
According to British researchers, all these strange circles appear mainly in June and July and usually at night.
It is also significant that at the request of the RAF crew in such circles in Wiltshire microphones recorders stopped working, while the outside of the circle functioned normally (Nedelya. 1990. 38).
In the center of one circle was discovered a white jelly-like substance, the origin of which could not be established in spite of careful research in the laboratory of the University of Surrey. Documented cases of accidents and vehicles in the vicinity of the place of appearance of these circles, coinciding with the emergence of community.
According to British researcher D.Midena these circles occur under the influence of electromagnetic downward atmospheric vortices, which may be accompanied by light radiation, although this view is, of course, does not explain perfectly correct form of the circles and strictly symmetrical arrangement.
However, most researchers believe that these circles can not have a natural natural origin. Engineer Andrews argues that the circles are a lot of energy coming from the top of some unknown sources. But scientists Wingfield and Els claimed that this phenomenon is generated by some reason (abroad. 1990. 40).
In turn, some ufologists associated with the appearance of the UFO community, resulting in confirmation of this testimony of dozens of witnesses who observed the fields glowing round objects, which then took off and disappeared.
So, to come to a definite conclusion as to the origin of these discs so far. Meanwhile, the emergence of such communities already registered in 30 countries.
In the U.S., four of these were found on a circle with a diameter of 12 m in the states of Kansas and Missouri. In the rice fields of Japan also found two rounds with 10 and 18m.
According to the newspaper "Dagbladet Syudsvenska" on one of the fields of southern Sweden near the town of Kristianstad, each year, two sets of identical circles placed at an angle to each other. The diameter of the circle is 10, and in another 20 meters. Circles appear in different places, and the number from year to year changes.
In our country, in July 1990, machine-farm "Liman" Scherbinovsky district of Krasnodar region saw flashes in the steppe-like flash welding, and the next morning found there a correct form a circle with a diameter of 30 m, formed prikatannoy to ground wheat. Within this circle were two smaller-diameter circle in which all the stalks of wheat perished exactly clockwise. Going into this circle of two eyewitness nearly lost consciousness from a severe headache (Rural life. 1990.26 July).
In Central Asia, according to Leningrader S.P.Kuzionova, a huge "patch" of a length of 80 m and a width of 30 meters found at the landing of a UFO near Kattakurgan in 1984 in this "spot" of vines were completely dried and pressed into clay soil.
Interestingly, the study Landing in Moscow (Sharapova Hunting, Levkova Gore platform New Jerusalem) found that at a depth of 30-40 cm there or nonexistent protozoa or their number was six times less than the background.
However, we know many cases when the bearings are not left any trace.
In February 1990, residents of villages and Nareyka Zarechnoye Dzerzhinsk, Minsk region observed six brightly glowing spherical object with a diameter of 2 m, which landed on the field in the 70-100 m apart. There they stood on some stands about 1.5 hours, then in pairs, and the two objects are thrown into a neighboring field, but quickly returned. The third object into the woods, and soon was gone and fourth. However kakihlibo physical signs at the point of landing could not be found (Flag youth. 1990. Minsk. March 7).
In conclusion, it should be noted that in the field landings or UFO hovering at low altitude, usually did not show traces of radioactivity. But sometimes able to identify certain anomalies of the magnetic field of the earth regardless of the timing of exposure. This confirms the results of studies of the expedition, we leave the summer of 1982 in the area Robozero Vologda region, where in 1663 there was an unknown flying spherical object.
The expedition was led by the scientific secretary of the Commission but the anomalous phenomena of the Geographical Society of the USSR, the head of the laboratory magnetic ienosfernoy Leningrad branch IZMIRAN Candidate of Sciences E.S.Gorshkov. Produced by special magnetometer equipment route survey allowed detect abnormal changes in the geomagnetic field presumably places the flight path of the object, where he recorded and light. These changes may be associated with strong electromagnetic effects of low flying object na layers of lake sediments. Traces the impact of well-preserved for a long time due to the characteristics of a "magnetic memory" of the substance of precipitation.
The study confirmed not only the objective reality of the event, and by unusually high energy saturation of the observed object.

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