Meteorite fall in Saskatchewan, Canada

Meteor that lit up the night sky western province of Saskatchewan and the sky in the east of the province of Alberta on Tuesday night, probably fell in the North Battlforda.

Those who saw the meteor as it passes through the Earth's atmosphere about 9:45 pm described him as bright stripes and bright flashes of light in the sky.

Mike Aisen finishing his shift when he saw a flash of light in the sky.

"I looked up at the sky, and it was lit. I've never seen anything like this before, it was like a flash of welding, "he says.

"It was beautiful and impressive."

Meteor lit up the sky for miles around, according to witnesses.

"I stand, I look to the east and see a big ball of fire comes out of the sky. It was sort of an orange-yellow ball, and then he became a green-red with a bright tail behind, "said witness Shane Taylor.

Alan Hildebrand, professor of earth sciences at the University of Calgary, confirmed the outbreak and said that it was a meteor.

Hildebrand said that a piece of the asteroid broke up on impact with the surface of the earth, and weighed about 100 pounds.

There was not a lot of fall of meteorites? First in China meteorite exploded and the debris fell asleep an area of 100 kilometers, and some wreckage was on 12 pounds, and now in Canada, it is not a small stone at 100 pounds …

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