Mexican scientists have rejected the aliens





Who would doubt that nerds scientists necessarily try to break off the buzz from the world of the meeting with the unknown! Of course, after a sensational video showing 11 unidentified flying objects made by the Gulf of Mexico, they were quick to make a rebuttal of rumors about the "plates", not even having time to explore the infamous film (, 1.6).

Academicians and associate with the candidates seem to be great hurt that the film is transferred to the Ministry of Defence not to them, but a completely frivolous in terms of scientific traditions of journalist Jaime Mausanu. In Mexico, he has for decades served as chief of the loony UFO: writing books, TV shows leads, gathered perhaps the world's largest collection of eyewitness accounts, photos and films. If we call someone and biased, so that's Mausana, this is no doubt.

But also men of science prodemonstrovali some limitations, immediately tried to pull the ears worn hypothesis by which to explain the origin of previously unidentified objects. "If we do not know or can not explain meteorological phenomena, whether or not to attribute them to the aliens?" — Asks Armando Arellano, a researcher at the Institute of Astronomy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

Indeed, the presence of a luminous ball in the air does not necessarily mean that there sits a green man. However, attempts to write off what is on space debris or optical effects can hardly be called serious. The meteorite, exactly soaring in the air? The optical effect, which appears on the radar screen?

The military itself is not going to blow unnecessary sensationalism. To avoid the rush Mexican General Clemente Vega "is strictly forbidden to talk about UFOs." However, those who are not subordinate to the general, of course, just talking about it.


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