Mexico on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe

According to the report of the Institute for Economic Research at the University of Mexico, more than 2.5 million Mexicans at risk of hunger, unless immediate action is taken to deal with the drought, which affected 50% of the country's municipalities. The drought has destroyed 1.4 million hectares of crops.

The crisis is so severe that in the three states of Mexico, 25,000 children stop going to school because their families can now afford to pay and food, and school supplies. Some scientists wrongly accused in the ongoing global warming, but the real cause of the insufficient level of development of infrastructure and irrigation systems.

Last year, Mexico exported agricultural products to $ 10 billion, and imported $ 21 billion. Given the sharp decline in maize crop in Mexico, and the world in general, restrictions on grain exports imposed in Russia and Argentina, as well as criminal use of maize for biofuel production in the U.S., it is likely that Mexico will not allow the importation of maize to the public in sufficient quantity.



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