Mexicos Zone of Silence

April 4, 2012 21:38

This area is on the border of three states — Durango, Chihuahua and Coahuila, just six miles from the Texas town of El Paso.

In this desert, where there are practically no large towns, TVs do not work, for some reason stops the clock and the compass dances, confusing part of the world. Radios are mostly silent, but there are places where you can send the antenna so that even a low-power receiver will revive and will take the station, for example, Japan or China.
For some strange reason this wilderness "chosen" meteorites. Registered unusual mutations in members of the local flora and fauna, but the radiation is not revealed. Environmental scientists have found here, for example, a huge tortoise, the largest in the world, and with yellow eyes. It is believed that the animal is so adapted to the solar radiation, which is 30 percent stronger than anywhere else in the world. Interestingly, the "zone of silence" is located between 26 and 28 degrees north latitude and 102-106 degrees west longitude. As you know, on those geographical coordinates are other mysterious locations on Earth — Bermuda Triangle, the Egyptian pyramids, the Buddhist monasteries in the Himalayas, tdkzhe place where, according to legend, once there was the legendary land of Atlantis. Local residents talk about "flying saucers" and even contact with the extraterrestrial civilizations.

Researchers have found a lot of physical evidence veracity of such stories. A group of scientists who went to the Zone of silence, after they were told that the day before there had landed an unidentified flying object, found in this area witnessed spot fire scorched vegetation, particles of combustible material unknown to science, and an extremely high level of radiation. Dozens of such "evidence" obtained by the witnesses, currently stored in laboratories Mexico USA.

At dusk in the sky above the "zone of silence" observed a bright glow in the form of small rings. The locals call them "crazy lights," apparently because they randomly toss over the desert. ever closer to the man. "

According to Professor Santiago Garcia, the unusual properties of the "cursed" dead spots were first seen in the late nineteenth century, when a group of farmers who tried in vain to grow cereals on barren ground, occasionally fell under a hail of hot gravel, occasionally brings down from heaven. In 1930, aviator Francis Sarabia, a resident of one of the northern Mexican states, wrote an account of how, during a flight above the Zone of silence on the plane most mysteriously failed several devices, including radio. He became the first victim of the "curse" of the earth.

However, the focus of public attention Zone of Silence came only in 1970, when the American rocket "Athena", released from the White Sands Missile Base, off course and went straight into the mysterious zone, where it exploded. A few years later the top of the spacecraft "Saturn", used by the Americans in the project "Apollo", fell in the same place, causing a massive explosion. Immediately after the incident, the U.S. government deported to Mexico Special Operations Group, whose mission was to study the mysterious properties of the quiet zone.

Another mystery of the quiet zone — an incredibly ancient ruins, the mystery that puzzled many archaeologists and historians. Scientists are unable to determine their age, but they are, without a doubt, are a unique observatory, built thousands of years ago. It is evident that in ancient times there lived an educated, well acquainted with the people of mathematics and astronomy, intently watching the heavenly bodies and obsessed about the gods arriving on earth from distant stars.

Perhaps like modern geologists and archaeologists, they are attracted to the riddle of origin are scattered in large numbers of small meteorites that Zone of Silence draws like a giant magnet.

Regardless of whether we are dealing with traveling through time and space UFO magnetic anomalies which are a type of accelerator movement, or just a strange and little explored part of the world, which has mysterious properties, to solve the mystery of the quiet zone will not be easy . Perhaps the mysterious ruins of the observatory will help us get to the truth …

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