Miracles Sumy village ghost Document

September 17, 2012 17:55

From the Little Bugayki have only the old cemetery in the desert

These days the "ghost village" Small Bugayka (Sumy region) is a research foray researchers of paranormal phenomena. Enthusiasts were finally able to draw public attention to the puzzles forever vanished village: it employs an expedition led by the candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor of the Kiev International University Alexei Transition, TV channel TV-3 (Moscow) takes a full story on the local anomalies.

Recall Sumy small village disappeared Bugayka s face of the earth in the 1950's. In his memory, has left numerous memories of indigenous people, which is very often mentioned some mysterious and mystical events. And modern researchers of anomalous phenomena in these parts is not fixed once strange anomalies, such as: unexplained interference, abnormal clock, strange behavior of animals, etc. Quite probably, soon, Little Bugayka be entered in the register of amazing and mysterious places of the world, will receive the status of "anomalous zone" where are happening in spite of all the laws of physics do amazing things. So far, all these amazing stories will need to document and present them to the public and interested research communities.

15 — 16 September 2012 by the "Kiev — Kosmopoisk" and "Romny — Kosmopoisk", with the assistance of TV -3 (Moscow) carried expedition in AZ Small Bugayka (poltergeist, hronomirazhi in the 30's 50's of the twentieth century).

This old woman when she was 8 years old (1938), permanently physically beat the evil spirit poltergeist, a twin sister and an even smaller sister — did not touch. Anna Martynenko never revealed his secret (still afraid).

Cows stubbornly unwilling to come into the village, AZ Phantom

Conversation with witnesses poltergeist 1950. Former chief agronomist Ivan remembers Babi …

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