Missiles on the border: fairing for Iran?

Missiles on the border: fairing for Iran?

In southern Turkey near the border with Syria (in Gaziantep) currently deployed two anti-aircraft missile complex «Patriot», provided by the United States. More disk imaging in the press yet.

January 8 from the German port of Travemünde by sea to Turkey planned to send two SAM «Patriot». 170 soldiers of the squadron will fly to Turkey little later. Provided Germany complexes means deployed on the Turkish-Syrian border to February 1. Position will be located in the area of ​​Kahramanmaras, about 120 kilometers from the border.
Its agreement to put Turkey in anti-aircraft missiles, the Alliance announced on November 21. Then there is information that Ankara decided to give 6 complexes «Patriot» — two from the U.S., Germany and the Netherlands. Turkish authorities themselves have insisted on 15 plants (it is at least).

According to the assurances of representatives of NATO, these SAMs are intended only to ensure the security of Turkey. They will not be used for the creation of the no-fly zone over the territory of Syria or to support foreign intervention in Syria.

Meanwhile, NATO members seem to deliberately overlook the question of Iran. But Iran itself is not silent.

As the week reversed Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi, deployment of missile batteries «Patriot» on the ground in Turkey can only harm the country. Tehran strongly opposes deployment of «Patriot» in Turkey, we are talking about «intervention by the West in the affairs of the Near East, which may lead to a world war.»

Hassan Firouzabadi, Chief of Staff of Iran, said on days of that publication «Patriots» on the Turkish-Syrian border, paves the way for World War II:

«Each of these» Patriots «- as a black spot on the world map. They carry within themselves the danger of recent world war. «

According to him, there are forces in the world that are developing plans newest global war, and it is «very dangerous for the world’s population, well, for most of Europe.»

On kutsee statement comrade Firuzabadi painfully reacted Ahmet Davutoglu, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkey. According to the latter, «Turkey expects Iran’s statements about a system that is defensive in nature, and send a clear expression in the address of the Syrian regime and the use of their own exposure to the fact, that was discontinued in Syria violence.»

As for the «promise» that Iran — an ally of Syria, and Turkey is doing everything in order to become at once the enemy of both countries. Accommodation «Patriots» — another step towards this. Of course, the quarrel with Iran and Syria in Turkey understand how implementation davneshney own policy of «zero problems with neighbors» …

Missiles «Patriot» — for the defense. And Syria Turkey does not attack. One to defend that? Why Turkey sought more than 15 complexes?

Constant Russian representative to NATO Alexander Grushko admits that the fact of placing SAM on the Turkish-Syrian border may indicate the involvement of NATO vnutrisiriysky conflict.

As pointed out by Efimov and Maria Olga Kuznetsova («Kommersant»), after the removal of the Turkish veto, in force since 2010, since that time, as a result of Israeli commandos storm ship «Mavi Marmara» killed nine people in Turkey, Israel and NATO have started a strategic cooperation in the non-military sphere. Sources «Kommersant» in Israeli diplomatic circles clarify: this is not about joint exercises and operations, but only on technical cooperation, exchange of intelligence and «dialogue on sensitive issues on the regional agenda.»

Intransigent position of Turkey in NATO toward Israel has changed, according to experts, after NATO agreed to place SAM «Patriot» in Turkey near the Syrian border. Concessions to Israel, may become one of the criteria set by Ankara. Yielding, Ankara won something else: it is also achieved by the Allied agreement on NATO’s cooperation with Egypt, Tunisia and Jordan. This should strengthen the position of Turkey in the region because it is in the person of Mr. Erdogan almost became the main lobbyist for the interests of the Arab world in the West.

Correspondent «The Jerusalem Post» Hilary Leila Krieger writes that Turkey, as a NATO member against expanding the role of Israel in the military alliance, but as a request of Turkey about the «Patriot» was approved by NATO and began deployment of NATO’s work plan for 2013 including the Israeli role in the different exercises and conferences. And Israeli officials do not think that this was a regular match. «At the last moment — and I think it depended on the» Patriot «- it was approved,» — said one Israeli bureaucrat, who spoke on the criteria of anonymity.

However, despite some weakening of the negative attitude to certain types of the role of Israel in NATO activities, Israel does not believe that Ankara qualitatively change its overall policy towards the Jewish state. Israel hopes to establish more closely ties with NATO, but as earlier said that Turkey will continue its policy of veto.

As for SAM «Patriot», the NATO missile solutions can pursue global goal — deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in the Middle East to prepare for war with Iran.

Referring to the representation of professionals on this topic not long ago spoke Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. According to him, situated NATO anti-aircraft missiles «Patriot» in Turkey is not only to protect against threats from Syria, and to threats from Iran. In the interview «Russia Today» Comrade Lavrov said:

«With regard to the purposes of this deployment, I’ve read and heard that they say experts: if systems have been deployed to counter fire from the Syrian countryside, then they should be set somewhat differently. Their intended location, said experts at suggests that they should be applied to protect the South American radar, which is part of the U.S. missile defense system, created to protect against «the threat posed by Iran.»

So Makar, Syria Syria and Turkey has to think about its protection from potential neutralization of the U.S. and Israel «nuclear threat» of Iran. No wonder the head of the Iranian General Staff warned of the third world. Davutoglu and nervous because what it smells like kerosene. Therefore, Ankara and requested more than fifteen plants «Patriot». So intransigent and Turkey agreed to cede against Israel, which previously stubbornly do not agree.

Meanwhile, as reported by Cupid Hajiyev («Voice of Russia») in Gaziantep on January 6 antimilitarist scheduled meeting. His main motto is: «No missiles, no tears.» Organizers of the action — the party «Saadet» and the political wing of the public movement «National Vision». Participants will oppose the war in Syria, against the deployment in Turkey complexes «Patriot» and against the South American project «Greater Near East.»

Deputy Chairman of the party «Saadet» Birol Aydin says:

«We we see, as the region is heading for a large-scale war. The actual split Iraq, difficult situation in Afghanistan, the war civilians in Libya, the situation in Syria over the past 20 months. Creating a European missile defense system, NATO and now — accommodation MANPADS «Patriot» Tipo Turkey’s initiative. About Turkey’s initiatives — it is heresy. I can definitely say that Turkey was forced to submit to NATO request for placing these missiles. January 6 in Gaziantep we are going to hold a meeting in order to raise the Turkish public and the public of the region, and in order to warn our government. Assume that 10’s of thousands of our people take to the streets to express their own protest against the war, against complexes «Patriot», against NATO. We do not want any new missiles, no new tears. We already have enough and that and the other. «

In the Anatolian Youth Association also believe that the West in the face of NATO is pushing Turkey into the abyss full of war in the Middle East. Managing department association in Gaziantep Fatih Evyapan said «Voice of Russia»:

«… It is obvious that the West is currently trying to push Turkey and its neighbors, especially Iran. To do this, Turkey is created according to the infrastructure — in Malatya radar and missile systems «Patriot» in our province. Intervention in Syrian affairs must also be considered in the same vein. Yesterday West unleashed Iran-Iraq war, now has spared no effort to unleash the Iranian-Turkish … «

Another proof of future anger the West and Israel against Iran and unenviable role of Turkey in this process is the recent cancellation of the visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the Turkish province of Konya, which is associated just with the decision to SAM «Patriot».

Military-political commentator Vladimir Onishchenko commented on this event resource «Iran.ru»:

«Ahmadinejad’s visit to Turkey (Konya province) planned visit as a guest of honor at the invitation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan for a role in the celebrations of the 739 th anniversary of the death of the Persian Sufi poet Rumi. This is a common veneration of the figure of the old culture of the East. But you must admit that in this situation, when the Turkish authorities are going to placing SAM «Patriot» almost in the north-western outpost of Iran in Tehran this act was regarded as provocative … «

Regarding the danger of Iran SAM «Patriot» missiles whose range 70-160 km, the expert said that the Iranians understood mobility of these installations. They can be deployed in a matter of hours to the borders of the Iranian provinces. In this case, the relevant fundamental objects and ballistic missiles, Iran will be under threat of liquidation.

As for the management of, how recalls analyst, it considers unjustified placement of some missile systems under the pretext of the so-called. «Iranian nuclear threat.» Vladimir Putin has made appropriate statements blinders on the eyes. After making NATO military along the southern, southwestern and western borders of Russia and Belarus are also not «defensive in nature.»

And now Russian military professionals have fear about the NATO air defense system: in any case, the last comfort will be applied during the military operation against Iran. Part of our military professionals zamechet comrade Onishchenko, shares the view of Iranian intelligence, which believes that the deployment of «Patriots» on the Turkish-Syrian border is practically implementing the plan of military action against Iran, planned for next spring. Our homeland will adhere to veto the UN Security Council regarding the implementation of military force against Syria and Iran.

So, if the people of Turkey — at least, that his friendly part that intensive protests against the brutal NATO plans — realizes what SAM located at the border, and he knows that the blazing Middle East (which the United States is about to bring to appearances on map of Kurdistan) is good for the U.S. and Europe, but bad for the local civilians — that Erdogan and Davutoglu if nothing behold the and do not hear. Neuzh something they do not understand that Washington does not need any in the world hegemon, neither world, such as China or regional — like Turkey?

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