Moan of the Earth: what planet warns us — VIDEO

Unexplained noises are heard more and more often in different parts of the world. Roar from the Earth — a harbinger of disasters?

Scientists around the world are studying numerous accounts anomaly.

Earth, in the literal sense of "moaning", warning people about the imminent cataclysm.

Eyewitnesses claim that unexplained vibration like pervade the whole body of the planet.

The most common version of the anomaly — the Earth warned their children about the next change of the magnetic poles. According to the researchers, in theory it can happen instantly and, apparently, has not once occurred on Earth.

Unexplained low frequency hum, probably arises from the vertical oscillations of the water (similar to an earthquake) and compression of huge air masses.

Strange, sometimes heartbreaking sounds inhabitants of the planet dubbed "moaning", "scratch" and "groans" of the Earth.

NASA space sounds recorded. In the video — videos for August, September 2011 and January 2012. Video compiled from eight different private video obtained from different points of the earth. Kiev, Montreal, Belarus, Chelyabinsk, Copenhagen, Florida, Belgium, Germany. Sounds do not go out of the ground, the hum is in Space. are the most tender and tasty.


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