Modern Nostradamus called Artem Dragunov

November 21, 2011 1:29

This time Artyom told what to expect in the near future, many countries of the world.
Events of the future come to Artem Dragunov in a dream, after which he published them on the Internet, not for fame and money, and to warn people of a future disaster. In the near future, predicts UK Artem explosion, which will be held in London, in Spain — another powerful aftershocks.
He warned that in the Adriatic may experience an emergency at the plant, so you need to take urgent measures. Dragunov recommended this year will not go on holiday to Egypt and Turkey. In Egypt, the prophet saw a lot of people who have escaped from prison, and for Turkey predicts the beginning of the Civil War.
Ukraine's Artem Dragunov predicted passage of severe flooding, and saw the town of Pripyat and the number "3".

 In Russia, Artem urgently advised to check the construction of water parks and sports palaces. In St. Petersburg, he said, will be a massive flood, and in the country will be great changes, according to "EG".
Dragoon said that Azerbaijan would be a situation similar to Syria, so Eurovision have to move to Italy.
A tornado in the U.S. will not be the last disaster, the country will flood a series of floods and there was something similar to what happened on September 11, 2001. Recent discoveries of scientists drew the world's attention to this ability of plants that have recently no one had any idea. Recently at a closed conference with the sensational presentation by Professor Siberian Institute of Plant Physiology and Biochemistry (SIPPB) B. Voinikov. His report caused concern and conference organizers decided to hold the next meeting directly at the institute.

It turns out the scientists were able to explain the phenomenon of plants: with cooling for the first hour of tissue temperature of some of them is increased by 4-7 ° C, and sometimes even up to 10 ° C. The main role is played by the stress proteins, or cold shock proteins.

SIPPB scientists were the first to have discovered them. Prior to that, scientists knew only of heat shock proteins. It was assumed that new proteins mobrazovyvayutsya only at higher temperatures, when all the reactions are accelerated, and when the temperature in the revitalization of the cell occurs. That is why the message of Irkutsk physiologists caused such a strong reaction in the scientific community. Researchers took years of hard work to prove his innocence.

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