More than 10 cities in southern Brazil because of rains declared emergency mode

Twelve cities in the southern Brazilian state of Santa Catarina declared emergency mode due to heavy rains, said local civil defense office.

According to authorities, the passage of a strong atmospheric front in the region on Wednesday and Thursday, accompanied by torrential rain. Local rivers burst their banks and flooded residential areas of cities.

Stronger than the others suffered Blumenau city, the center of compact residence of immigrants from Germany — the element affected more than 280,000 of its inhabitants. Local officials say the flooding 70% of the city because of rising water levels in 10.64 meters. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, water rise in the coming hours will continue, and may reach 14 meters in the morning on Friday, local time.

Only by the cyclone in the state of Santa Catarina, affecting more than 470,000 people, of which 18 000 791 people lost their homes, said Civil Defense.

The power of one of the city declared a disaster mode due to the massive flooding and landslides. No casualties were reported.


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