More than 15 tornadoes left at Christmas without the light thousands of homes in the U.S.

At least 15 tornadoes struck on Christmas Day on Tuesday at a number of the southern states of America, damaging several houses and leaving tens of thousands of Americans in a festive evening without electricity, said on Wednesday the website of TV channel ABC News.

According to the channel, almost all of the U.S. Gulf Coast from Texas to Alabama on Tuesday stormed Rain and storms that caused heavy rains and snowfalls. Because of the strong wind had to cancel more than 180 domestic flights. The largest tornado was reported in the area of Mobile, Alabama, where no electricity at the present time are about 19 thousand people. Only in Alabama were without electricity almost 23.5 thousand houses. Many of the buildings damaged in Mobile, including several churches and a school.

In Arkansas, according to ABC News, after falling icy trees were damaged several important power lines, leaving without electricity for about 50,000 customers. In neighboring Texas fallen tree has caused the death of a young man. As the channel, he was the only victim of the Christmas storms in the United States.

According to the National Weather Service of the United States on Wednesday, the storm headed east and bring tornadoes and heavy snowfall.

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