More than 40 cows were killed on the farm due to overfeeding in Arkhangelsk


ARKHANGELSK, August 18 — RIA Novosti. Pastoralists from a private farm Kargopol District of the Arkhangelsk region had to score 44 cows because overfeeding green wheat, said Thursday at a press conference, the Minister of agriculture and trade Arkhangelsk Oblast Vladimir Private.

In the government of the region as an emergency situation assessed. According to the Personal, slaughter was made last week, as the cows could not be saved. A press conference was held after the local TV shows the plot of the mass loss of livestock due to poor quality feed and risk getting infected meat on store shelves. The Minister denied the reasons given in the TV spots.

"Scott was in confinement, that is, without the pasture to pasture. Cows fed green wheat, and, the amount of feed above the norm by more than three times. If the animals in time kicked in the pasture, the animals could not survive. And they overeaten and lay motionless, respectively body failed. The animals had to score, "- said Private.

In the stern is also found, according to the Personal, a slight excess of nitrate.

"Experts will receive appropriate penalties, including dismissal," — said the Minister.

Chief Veterinary Officer of the Arkhangelsk region, Sergei Koposov said that the final conclusions about the death of cattle will be made after all laboratory studies.

"The final results of examination of meat we do not have. Results of analyzes of meat slaughtered cattle will be ready soon. Farm managers decided to dispose of the meat, as the farm was unable to find refrigerators to store it, "- said Koposov.

Koposov added that more than 160 head of cattle on the farm were saved.

Source: RIA Novosti-Northwest 

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