Moscow is developing agri-tourism

In Shakhovskoi district of Moscow region starts recreational agro-tourist complex (APC) "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" full cycle with the European level of quality and service to receive Russian and foreign tourists. For the first time in addition to the standard domestic agro rural tourism will likely include such promising areas as business tourism, event and corporate tourism, tourism related to training, gastronomic tourism. In addition, the CCA "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" will expand existing production certified according to international standards of environmentally friendly natural dairy, dairy, meat, fruit and vegetable and grocery products with its own distribution system. On the basis of the CCA will be opened and the business school agritourism. 

ATK "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" is built in accordance with the principles of green building — an environmentally clean area suburbs, land conversion has passed, a selective collection of waste, energy saving technology and environmentally friendly building materials, the production of organic agricultural products.

ATK "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" is implemented on the basis of already existing and well-known far beyond Russia ekofermy "Konovalov," which proved that ekobiznes and agri-tourism in Russia can be profitable. Investment in ATC "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" is 55 million rubles. The project is implemented on the principles of public-private partnership program launched recently by the development of agritourism in the suburbs. 20% improvement in infrastructure investing Moscow Region Government, according to the investment contract, 80% — means of Alexander Konovalov, borrowed. The payback period ATK "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" 4 years.

ATK project "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" was presented to the EUT Moscow Region Governor Andrei Vorobyov during his working visit to ekofermu "KONOVALOVA." Andrei Vorobiev gave him a positive evaluation, and brought to Alexander Konovalov example farmers near Moscow.

"I am glad that I have the support of Moscow Region Government, the Governor and the head of the district Shakhovsky Hajiyev Zamir Agarzaevich. Farmhouse young and very promising direction, which will enter into circulation of agricultural land and develop rural areas near Moscow ", — says the owner of the CCA" Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2 ", the founder of the association" Ekoklaster "

Building area ATC "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" 4.5 hectares, the total area of buildings of 1100 m2. This will create 10 jobs for the residents Shakhovsky district, Moscow region. ATK "Konovalov," will take tourists to June 2013, according to calculations developer SP VV Shpintal the flow of tourists will exceed 5,000 people per year. "This is the first such project in Russia. About the development of agro-tourism is said a lot, but the successful formats I have never met. Or is it something spiritual, but without the comfort and service, or a large-scale road and completely sunk the project. I managed to create such a business format that will pay off and will bring a stable income, which nestydno invite the most distinguished guests, while it is in the price range for the middle class. The project is being replicated, there is a deductible, which will build a similar CCA in any region of Russia and to the Russian village attractive for thousands of citizens ", — says Alexander Konovalov.

Agro-tourist complex "Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2" includes a hotel with 34 lodger, a cafe for 45 seats, conference room for 40 people, a bath, a home for children's entertainment, a garage and a car park, heliport, children's and sports playgrounds, Fire and ornamental pond, ekofermu, parade ground for horses
department for processing of products, apiary and farmland. All rooms are equipped with fire alarm systems, TV, internet, air-conditioning, mini-bar. The price will include farmer's breakfast of fresh natural products produced by ekoferme. It offers will be given a business center and shuttle service from Moscow.

"I think this project is a good example of a fully-fledged tourist cluster combining attractive tourist idea, great services and opportunities for the development of the region. Tradition of hospitality and romance Russian village should be supported by modern standards of service and the ability to find an effective way to the heart of the customer that perfectly realized in this project. Proposals of this kind in the tourism market form the much needed industry for the townspeople for weekend breaks. I have no doubt that this project will become a prominent point on the tourist map of Russia ", — said the deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Nicholas Beginners.

"ATK" Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2 "will revive the market agritourism near Moscow, where few adequate projects in terms of price and quality. Our proposal is unique. Ekosvadbu, training for employees, business conference here can be carried out at a high level in the chamber atmosphere, when within a radius of several kilometers apart from one event guests and staff will not. An important competitive advantage is quality food farm products. Such an offer no one else there, "- says Jacob Lyubovedsky, Executive Director of the Union of organic zemledeliya.ATK" Ekoferma KONOVALOVA-2 "will cooperate with domestic and foreign tour operators and take the tour groups.

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