Moscow says the abnormally high pressure

Moscow says the abnormally high pressure. According to the Met Office, the capital, descending from the Arctic anticyclone, which contributed to increased pressure on the entire territory of European Russia, today and in the coming days will be moved to the north-eastern regions of the Central Federal District. Moscow region would be close to the center, which will retain a very high pressure. Today it will increase up to 1019 MB, which is 20 units higher than normal. In the following days, the growth of atmospheric pressure will continue to the end of the week will have its value in 1025 mb, which is almost 25 points higher than normal.

Absolute values of the February peak, which was celebrated in 1972, the atmospheric pressure is reached — then his value was 1040.7 mb.

High atmospheric pressure can cause deterioration of health of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. They may be headaches and heartaches, jumps in blood pressure. First, it should minimize physical stress, and in the case of a sharp deterioration in health to take prescribed medication or see a doctor.

But there is good news — at increased atmospheric pressure, usually feel better in patients with bronchial asthma, and high blood pressure.

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