Mothman. Creature from the taiga

World is full of mysterious creatures, capable of the fact that the average person can not do. One — Mothman, who lives in the forest, can fly and does not spare their victims.

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"On the trail I saw a bear track, very similar to a human — wrote researcher Ussuriland Arsenyev about his adventures on the flow of the river Anyuya Gobilli in 1908 — Alpa bristled and growled, and after that someone darted to the side, breaking bushes. However, the animal does not run away, he stopped and stood in the vicinity of expectant posture. So we stood for a few minutes. Finally I gave up and turned around with the intention to withdraw. Alpa tightly clung to my legs. As soon as I moved, as an unknown beast also ran a few yards and then hiding.

In vain I looked into the woods, trying to find out who I'm dealing with, but was so impenetrable thicket and the fog so thick that even the trunks of large trees to be seen. Then I bent down and picked up a stone and threw it in the direction where the animal was unknown. At this time, something happened that I did not expect. I heard the flapping of wings. Out of the mist floated some big dark mass, and flew over the river. After a moment, she disappeared into the dense fumes that are raised above the ground. Dog EXPRESSLY fear all the time huddled at my feet.

In the evening after dinner, I told udeheytsam about what he saw in the forest. They started very lively to say that in these places there is a man who can fly through the air. Hunters often see traces of it that suddenly appear on the ground and just as suddenly disappear, which is possible only on the condition that the person falls down on the ground and again rises into the air. Udeheytsy tried to follow him, but he always scared of people shouting and the noise, such as exactly what I heard today.

At this time, broke in Zhang Bao. He said that in China there are also flying people. They are called "Li-zheng-tzu." They live in the mountains, away from people who do not eat no bread, no meat, and eat only plant Li-zheng-AUC, which can be found only on moonlit nights on the way to it are drops of dew. Zhang Bao himself even seen such a man. "

Li-chen-tzu — the son of thunder and lightning, he baby falls to the ground during a thunderstorm. It is a strong, godly man, patron offended hero. A visit to the people he brings good luck in the oil fields and in litigation in solving problems. According to Zhang Bao, flying man on the river Gobilli was one of Li-zheng-tzu, Chinese and certainly not udeheets. Legend udeheytsev about people with wings they borrowed from the Chinese in ancient times.

Folklore Golds, Orochi, Udeghes Primorye is rich with stories of people flying the local forests. For example, with the river Udegei Samarga told that one young udegeets behaved strangely, he missed, sometimes crying, slept a lot and, moreover, anxious at night talking, arguing, singing, complained. He said that he had hurt his arms and back. Once, during a snowstorm, he put on his skis and went through the taiga. Fearing that he might not frozen, other people went to look for him. They walked along the tracks left his skis. These tracks led them to a steep cliff and then disappeared completely: no side or at the bottom, nowhere more traces were not. So, the man departed. From then on it was nowhere to be no hearing, no spirit.

There was another case. A young man, just married, was often talk about what it will fly away. Wife noticed that he often feels his hands on the back and sides of underwear. She persuaded her neighbors, they watered her husband drunk, stripped, and then everyone saw what was in his hands, like a bird's feathers are growing. The woman took the scissors and obstrigla these feathers. Since then, they are no longer grow.

All the stories of local people are similar to the one — the flying people on the inner sides of the arms and armpits grow feathers, like birds, such people have a hands-wings.

The son of thunder and lightning

To understand what was referring to Zhang Bao, you need to turn to the ancient Chinese history. In the classification of Chinese gods of the 16th century, "raised to the rank of spirits" is the spirit of Leychzhentszy (son of thunder and lightning) — a celestial creature emerged from the great storm on the Mount of swallows in the 11th century. BC.

The ruler of this place prince of Zhou (in central China), Ji Chang after unusually heavy thunderstorms found on top of a mountain in the mystical tomb newborn baby. He immediately announced him as his third son. Being here is his advisor, the immortal inhabitant of the cave clouds Yunchzhunli with jasper columns on the southern edge of the top of the hill I asked to take the child in his arms and turned to Ji asking: "Prince. Let me take it on the southern edge of the Mount to grow and train. When the seven years you will come back, I'll give it to you. " Prince allowed, and Yunchzhunli immediately with the child in her arms stitched clouds and disappeared into the sky. On the southern edge of the Mount, he began teaching Leychzhentszy, instructing him to "daoistsky way of saving the dynasty."

After seven years Yunchzhunli on cloud circling the mountain, said Duke Zhou, pursued by General Yin Lei from the kingdom of Wei. At that time, China represented the territory of five warring kingdoms, and the prince was defeated Ji Chang Wei principality and fled the capital. It is time to save Leychzhentszy dynasty. Yunchzhunli said Leychzhentszy take the weapon, which is located on the edge of a precipice. Leychzhentszy arms on the edge not found, but found two large apricot, which is right there and ate.

Immediately on his back sprouted wings, and his face was "like a monster." Returning to the teacher, he received a Golden Rod and instructions on how to help his father. At first, he dealt with the generals and Yin Lei from the kingdom of Wei, with the golden rod blank on the stone are rural. Then, putting his father on his back, he carried it through all five passes back. Returning father, he said: "My father, you're safe now. Now I have to say goodbye and go back to the Mountain of the southern region. Please take care of yourself. I'll see you again someday. " After that, the Son of thunder and lightning've seen in China in the areas where demand justice assistance. Saw him in Primorye and in our time.

In 1970, a hunter went into the forest with his dog Palma. At one point, he heard the cries of strange women. It seems very far away screaming. The dog is alert. Then the screams began to approach, and even the hunter thought he heard his name. Horror overcome him instantly. Palma who clung to his feet, suddenly whined piteously, and ran away from the host in a terrible fright. Averianov himself ran the other way, as it seemed to him to go home to the village. But the screams were getting closer. Looking back, he could not resist and fell near a fallen tree. At this point, the black shadow covered him over it with the noise sounded out a terrible monster.

He caught a glimpse of membranous wings, and covered with brown hair, but with bald knees, man feet. And he was not the incomparable disgusting smell that went round the head. It wanted to catch the hunter, and only the fall of the last saved him from captivity. He returned home graying. The dog came just two days …

Another example. Inessa Grigorieva came to Anisimovka to rest at the end of January 1997 Walking the dog on the outskirts of the village, she noticed a large bird flying in her direction. Looked closer, trying to determine what it is, and was stunned. "I saw two legs hanging down, similar to the human. The creature fell, made a circle and then flew away. The wings were fixed, moving creature silently, he obviously had a human face, in any case, big eyes and mouth I could see. "

Flying Man did not cause harm to Inessa. Dog rushed to the house and hid under the car, got out from any time soon. But it is possible that these modern meeting is not nothing but a meeting with giant feathered Primorye. And what measures they take sometimes you can see in the photo border made in the Khasan district.



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