Motion capture facial Kara erases the boundaries between reality and virtuality

March 14, 2012 6:56

Facial motion capture "Kara" blurs the line between reality and virtuality

Game Developers Conference Game Developers Conference, which was recently held in San Francisco, is an event where leading manufacturers of computer games to show off their latest achievements and show people what can be expected in the near future. In this vein, the company Quantic Dream had developed an impressive display of facial motion capture, which was called «Kara».

The following video demonstrates how to use this technology, developers can blur the line between the real world and the virtual world of computer games.

Quantic Dream company is best known as the developer of a stunning game Heavy Rain. Already at the time of this game specialists Quantic Dream used elements of motion capture, which became the basis of the new technology «Kara».

Demonstration of the capabilities of the new technology was carried out on PS3 games console in real time. The demo shows us build an android robot named Kara, and the plot of this example has some philosophical background, raises questions about the future of robots and their role in human society.

Some of our readers will probably be able to learn the robot Kara "in the face." This is not surprising, because the living prototype of a virtual robot android performed a well-known actress Valorie Curry (Valorie Curry), who starred in the movie "Twilight. Saga. Dawn / The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn »and" Veronica Mars / Veronica Mars «. In the words of David Cage (David Cage), founder of Quantic Dream, — «On the face of the actress found 90 markers and the same number was found on her body. This allowed us to digitize motion actress with incredible accuracy and are based on these data, the virtual robot is almost indistinguishable from a live person. "

It should be noted that this demo is quite old, since its design has already been a year. A current version of motion capture «Kara» is a more "advanced" and has more features. According

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