Mountain Yaman-Tau

The mountain is in Bashkiria and is a gentle dome with a flat top. At the top of the hill is an old, abandoned military unit and a helicopter landing area.

The area around the mountain is closed, the local people said that there mined uranium ore. Also there is a legend that the mountain is far from the disposal of nuclear waste. However, despite all this there is evidence of the existence of nutria in the mountains in deep mines and mazes. The diameter of these mines up to thirty meters long and complex up to 500 kilometers while having eight underground floors. Go to the top of the mountain road and rail leads the way, there is a power line station. And if you are interested in dance lessons for beginners here you can learn about them in more detail.

Always hovered around the mountain mystery, because in Soviet times he had several code names "Ufa-105" and "Beloretsk-16." Close to the mountain is the production of concrete, but recently it was mothballed and kicked out of all the workers, but the nearby complex still shows signs of life, he is surrounded by barbed wire and guarded barriers have tunnel. Occasionally you can see moving in this direction, the military machine. Yaman-Tau mountain is the highest in the region, the height of 1640 meters, the same mountain is a major focus for U.S. intelligence.

Perhaps, this mountain is a secret bunker for the Russian government? According to local geologists, even after a thermonuclear explosion in the area, the water inside the mountain will remain clean for at least another 300 years.

Mountain Yaman-Tau is the property of the State Defense Committee and declared by them, a secret area. The mountain is owned by Mining (State Defense Committee) and declared it a secret territory.

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