Muscovite cured himself of AIDS, and is charged by the sun

December 28, 2012 1:24

Muscovite cured himself of AIDS, and is charged by the sun

Muscovite Amid claims to have found a cure for all diseases, including AIDS. According to the forecasts of doctors, himself a young man had to die 4 years ago. But it did not.

Formerly called Amida Dima and he was involved in the construction business. Recalls, in the affairs of luck, money is never considered. Day — work, night clubs. Temporary girlfriend, alcohol, drugs … but all collapsed at once.
Dmitry once remarked that too often become sick — colds. And I decided to go to the doctors. Those terrible verdict rendered: hepatitis C. live was only a couple of months.
— I can not say that in one second, something clicked in my head — says today amide. — But remember, a few days go, not noticing anything around. And at night between color began to dream dreams: forest, mountains, amazing flowers … And I heard a voice that said, your salvation — is the sun, look at him …

And Dima began to look at the sun. First half-hour in the morning and in the evening, then — for an hour, two … I stopped shaving and cutting hair. I read in one of the Vedic books that hair and beard — a kind of antennas that receive and retain the sun's energy.

Friends from the old life were forgotten. Just like the old passions — all at once. Dima changed his name to amideDima is the opposite. In a sign that there is no return to the past. There are new habits. Now Amid yoga, sleeping naked in the snow in the lotus position. And still looking at the sun. Already for many hours a day.
His eyes were bright, radiant. Although doctors to whom he for fun once again turned and tried to scare: eyes faded, because direct sunlight dangerous. According to them, in the near future, the amide is blind. And even die. True, from exhaustion. He does not eat meat, fish, milk, eggs and more. Says that animal products awaken in man vile and violent.
— Proof that all diseases — from poor lifestyle and nutrition — Amid talks. — I will say more: aging and death — also disease and cause the same. Only the development of both diseases is slow. But he goes. Not all of what you eat, goes into energy, and only a small part. Or else out of the body naturally or accumulated splits — and man are one step closer to death.
While amide can not refuse food completely, but switched to easier and safer plant. In the future, plans and did eat only by the sun. Also, do not grow old and live up to five hundred years that way. I'm sure that happens! After a long time of colds and forgot to think, and hepatitis C is not in sight.
Familiar from the old life once met a doctor Amida street knew. When amide called him and reminded myself, terrified. Thought before him a ghost. After Dima-amide long to be in the cemetery. And he is alive and happy.
In Amida many followers and disciples. They call it "looking at the sun." He absolutely free lectures and seminars.
Tells about the benefits of solar meditation and hardening. Called for the rejection of clothing and leather goods, and, possibly, from the clothes at all. In favor of the physical work — not just heavy, and just on the edge of human capabilities. For example, to carry stones. Is — a great mind and body workout.
Every six months, or sooner Amid went to the mountains — to the Caucasus. Or to Siberia. Settles with locals, who offers to help. For example, in building a house or garden, garden work. Dig a well, flayed for hands to bloody blisters — considers the happiness. Works for free. For the night and a couple of potatoes. In his spare time by tradition looks at the sun. For many hours.
Pupils remember Amida ancient prophecy that "one day the world will come the power of the sun. And Darkness recede, and Death. And everyone will be happy. "
And also one of the famous quote prophecy Vanga: "The new man under the sign of the new doctrine will be in Russia … the most ancient and the true teachings spread throughout the world. Russia will once again be a strong and mighty empire, and the center will be a revival of the world Siberia. New leader for years to come will be unknown, but one day unexpectedly enters into power. It will go solar. Subsequently, he also becomes the ruler of the world. He and his colleagues will live for 600 years … "
Maybe this will be the amide?
Doctors are still pessimistic, but I have given up. Only occasionally offer Amida refer to other professionals — already on mental health.

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