Mushroom anomaly in the Chelyabinsk region. Video


14.06.11.Griby in Chelyabinsk forests appeared two months earlier than usual. The phenomenon has surprised even avid mushroom and caused a lot of issues. As long as people speculated that it was — an anomaly or a pattern, enterprising pickers are already out on the mini-markets with full baskets.

Among the first to react to the surprising phenomenon professional pickers. In cities and towns spontaneously turned mini-markets. Traders vying offer luteus pounds or entire buckets. Those who love mushrooms, but do not know how to collect, eagerly interested in forest products. "Sooner they are, — the mushroom Alexander Antonov. — Not only them, they are at the end of June to get out. But you can find. "

Such early appearance of mushrooms biologists explained simply. The fungus is very well organized root system. In the dry 2010 they did not die, just do not bear fruit, and spawn in the meantime continued to grow. Now add up all the conditions that were able to mature and do mushrooms. "Mycelium built up a large biomass, hidden from us, the fruit body is laid in advance and waiting for the hour when the rains and the temperature will favor" — explains Nikolay Naumenko, Sc.D., head of the department of botany and genetics at KSU.

In the Chelyabinsk region studied more than two hundred and fifty species of fungi, and only about two dozen of them — edible. White, boletus, aspen, boletus, mushrooms, volnushki. Yuzhnouraltsev still have time to try the mushrooms new crop. Humid weather, which is conducive to their growth, will continue at least until the end of the week. However, doctors urge caution. Probability of hitting a large inedible mushrooms. Therefore, at the first sign of poisoning should immediately seek medical attention.

Elena Rogozin, Vyacheslav Holmes, Svetlana Pushkin, Eugene Bryzgalov, Anton Melnikov

Source: STRC "South Ural"

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