Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle and the passage of time

July 19, 2012 20:57

"The truth comes into this world as a heresy,
Dies as a deception "

For the first time the name "Bermuda triangle" created the American writer E. Jones. In a small pamphlet he described the strange disappearances of ships in the Sargasso Sea — "Sea Devil."

The triangle formed by the conventional three-point connection: the southern tip of Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. It is a mysterious place in the Atlantic Ocean known thanks to numerous disappearances of ships, often seen here and the Flying Dutchman ghost ship. Sometimes find the remains of ships and planes, but the causes of accidents and crashes are a mystery. There is only one indisputable fact — that's Sargasso Sea is the largest number of shipwrecks.

Perhaps the most mysterious case, which occurred in the Bermuda Triangle (BT), accounts for 1881. British ship "Ellen Austin" found abandoned in the ocean aboard. It was not damaged, was on board a valuable cargo of mahogany, but the name of the vessel and crew were missing. Aboard were sent two men to accompany. Both ships headed for Newfoundland, but omit a thick fog hid them from each other. After a few days, and the schooner ship met, but the sailors, who were sent aboard, disappeared. The commander of the British ship was not able to get a second superstitious sailors to board the schooner.

A common feature of all the mysterious occurrences in the Bermuda Triangle is that surface and air transport, as well as the people in it are disappearing quickly, leaving no residue on the surface of the Sargasso Sea, the Sea Devil. The remains of some of the wrecks and the Aircraft found later at the bottom of the sea, but no mention of finding human remains. Such a mystery, of course, is the subject of intense scrutiny and is the occasion for the emergence of a huge number of hypothetical theories, both scientific and pseudo-scientific nature.

Scientific theories are based on the characteristics of the area. What are these features?

"Cemetery Atlantic", also known as BT, is characterized by strong currents. The Gulf Stream is the dominant cold current, but there are also the North Atlantic, Florida, South and North Equatorial, Mezhpassatnye pritivotecheniya and local currents. Main current haphazard changes its position and speed, difficult or slow the passage of ships, swimming against the tide. Gulf Stream creates deviations and significant effect on the vortices, which can survive for long to have an impact on the state of the sea.

On the borders of the Gulf Stream and the cold warm currents formed a thick fog.

In the BT diverse and bottom topography: the continental slopes, trenches, offshore banks with shallow, middle and marginal plateau, abyssal plains and deep straits. Located at the bottom of the deepest trough Atlantic Ocean — Puerto Rico.
Boundaries for the Sargasso Sea are current. The sea is named after the large accumulation of brown seaweed, Sargassum, which grow in regular rows. That Sargassum and the northernmost coral reefs in the Bermuda Triangle has a great impact on the Earth's climate by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Natural conditions here are virtually unchanged for 100 million years.

Changing trends, the trade winds, tornadoes, tropical cyclones, severe storms and fog make it impossible to accurately predict the weather.

Abandoned ships without crew can explain scientific hypothesis which Academician VV Shuleikin gave the name of "the voice of the sea." According to the hypothesis, the reason for flight crew are infrasonic vibrations generated in the water. His hypothesis Shuleikin built on the basis of open hydrologist VA Berezkina, who sailed on the hydrographic vessel "Taimyr", accidentally discovered that at the time of approaching storms keep ear balloon pilot, then later in the ears feel much pain.

With strong winds and storms over the sea is stall on the wave, there dilution and thickening the air, spreading in the form of sound transverse and longitudinal oscillations. Voice of the Sea at the speed of sound, and the main infrasonic radiation recorded in the range of 6 Hz. Without significantly weakening the voice of the sea can go for hundreds and thousands of miles.

Thus, a thousand kilometers from the raging storm the crew can go crazy with the fluctuations in the 6 Hz. First, the person experiences anxiety, growing into fear and panic, and the apparent source of fear, he does not commit. Ancient instincts make people do not hesitate to "escape" from the disaster area.

There is also a hypothesis that occupy an intermediate position between the pseudo-scientific theories and hypotheses. The hypothesis of the Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev astrophysics support only a few scientists. The rest of the scientific world considers him a crank.

Kozyrev suggested that all existing laws of motion — this is only an approximation of the precise laws that mankind has not yet discovered.

Eddington, English physicist, proposed the theory of a direct dependence of the direction of time and the universe. This phenomenon he called "the arrow of time." When will the absorption of matter black holes, then perhaps the time arrow will turn in the opposite direction, and the extension replaced by contraction.

Kozyrev, supporting Eddington believed that the time is a physical factor, and the course is determined by its linear speed of rotation causes in relation to the investigation. Time — physical factor — must obey the fundamental laws of physics, for example, the laws of absorption and reflection.

In experiments in which the gyroscope spun by the arrow of time, the weight did not change. Unscrewing it in the opposite direction, against the flow of time, the gyro was getting a little easier. So, time pressured, which can be expressed in terms of mass.

The slight difference in weight in laboratory experiments Kozyrev did not go to any comparison with the powerful vortex that spins the Gulf Stream. Their diameter can total hundreds of miles. Kozyrev's proponents believe that it spouts cause glowing or white circles and white mist which is described eyewitnesses. Space is twisted against the arrow of time — to change the course of time. Distorts time — changes and weight aircraft or vessel. Maybe instant weight change is the cause of some accidents? The case when coming to Miami airliner checked the dispatch service to the coastal location and time, and then disappeared from the screens. When after 10 minutes, he appeared on the screen controllers, all hours of in-flight behind on 10 minutes. Passengers nothing but white mist, not noticed.

Turning the vortices as the flow of time, and against him, perhaps, change gravity. In the middle of the vortex is greater than at the edges.

Hypothesis supporters paleocontacts modern science believes pseudoscientific.

Fans theory paleocontacts believe that at the bottom of the Sargasso Sea aliens placed signaling equipment, which is powered by a powerful energy source. It serves as a beacon for UFOs cause violations navigation devices and has a devastating impact on animals and humans.

Another UFO hypothesis based on the assumption that BT is a space-time trap. There is a story about the disappearance of the TDB in 1993, a fishing boat with three fishermen. Fishermen appeared a year later. They said that during the storm to save the ship, the crew members who spoke Old English and were dressed in the clothes of an ancient breed. Salvaged sincerely believed that it is only a few days.

Ivan Sanderson, American explorer of unusual phenomena in the early 70's. XX century engaged in compiling the first card deadly places of the Earth. In all of these places that Sanderson has called "devastating diamonds", observed similar anomalies: strange deaths, the collapse and disappearance of the vehicle mass ejection cetaceans suicide antelope, thrown into the sea, unexplained bird migration.

At the end of the 70s of the 20th century have proposed a theory of "destroying storm" and identified 12 deadly diamond (6 located on the north, 6 — in the southern hemisphere). 12 diamonds are separated in latitude by 72 ° and shifted relative to its pair of 36 ° in longitude. All diamonds are placed on an accurate sinusoidal line.

Mapping the destructive diamonds led to another discovery — the most dangerous areas are where supposedly inhabited the ancient advanced civilization.

Dangerous anomalies in the Sargasso Sea are studied from satellites and space stations. Satellite image shows the water level in the area of the Bermuda Triangle is 25 meters below the normal level of water in the Atlantic Ocean.

Natural or man-made cause of the mysterious phenomena in anomalous zones — the subject of scientific study since only permanent research can establish the truth and to shed light on the cause. And there is not a clear understanding of all the hypotheses, no matter how fantastic they may seem, should be taken into account.

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