Mysteries of the forest witch

October 20, 2011 10:33

Anomalous zone near the town of Yuriev-Polsky, on the border of the Yaroslavl and Vladimir regions, little known and very popular among researchers. UFO seen in the area, not more than in other places, it does not occur in any of mysterious disappearances, no jumps in time. But the forest there are still notorious.

Perhaps the most striking case occurred in 1992 with the research group of amateur actors, who came here after they had read a newspaper article about local anomalies. The group consisted of several young men. In the village they met with the local guys, who told that sometimes appears in the forest ghost man in the loop. The story is old, occurred shortly after the war. Though some demobilized soldiers in the case of drunk killed his wife and a few others, and sober, and went into the woods and hanged himself.

The body was found and taken away, but since then at dusk, usually at the full moon, a soldier in the bush sometimes see hanging on the tree. Two of the city of "researchers" who did not believe in God or the devil, decided to take a walk in the woods is a full moon, then to dispel the legend. Others stayed to wait for them at the edge of the fire. By the way, the citizens is more or less aware of the local forest. He was rather thin, to walk in the evening on its edge was not so much difficult. Especially, the moon shone.

One of those two, Maxim, and then told me that they were almost immediately felt fear, but not to show it, tried to keep up and walked quickly to the best of the bush. Maxim friend first noticed hanging from a tree with a rope noose. Both were scared, but suggested that this is probably the village played a joke on them, purposely hung rope. However, his friends decided to complete the trip and went to the edge, which was to be several tens of meters. But as they went, the forest somehow does not end.

Suddenly, in front of them again was a tree with a rope. That was exactly it, the guys he once knew. Somehow friends again came to the place of suicide! They covered a real fear, they moved back and asked strekacha. But after a while again stumbled on the same tree. Only this time, in a noose hanging man! Young people see it quite clearly!


Now, in this panic, the friends began to run in earnest. As luck, the moon disappeared into the clouds, the wind rose, swaying around the trees. This only increased the fear of the fugitives. Pausing to take a breath, they clearly heard over their backs crunch of twigs under someone's feet. Not knowing how the guys jumped out of the woods. When running the edge, looked back and saw the dark silhouette of a man who was moving behind them. It was hard to make out in the darkness, but Maxim with a friend no doubt — this is the dead man.

They ran to the fire. Apparently, the fear of transmitting and others. Not becoming to find out that a stranger pursues the members of their group, "researchers" crowd ran to the village. Broke into the house, alarmed hosts. With the children in the house ran a guard dog, which had never happened, and, trembling, huddled under the bed. At this hour (it was half past midnight) woke up the entire village. Dogs howled in every yard. Horses whinnied loudly and fought in the stables, in the end, they broke in and stole meadows. Some villagers, looking out the window, saw the dark figure of a man, but for some reason, no one came out and asked who he was. Conversely, people were afraid to turn on the light.

The next day Max and his friend said they saw in the woods gallows. They were convinced that the dead man, and followed them to the village.

Surprisingly, their story believed. Someone remembered that this has been: too suddenly into the quiet night a storm broke, they were troubled by the animals and the countryside was a "black man" in which the old-timers have learned that the soldier.


In addition to the soldier in the woods "live" another ghost. You can see it in the daytime. This ghost is associated with the so-called witches' glades. They were in the woods at least two. They are almost perfectly round, entirely covered with toadstools. The traveler, going to a clearing, sees a bit of the old stump, in a minute "stump" suddenly comes to life, and it turns out that this is an old woman with a basket, collecting mushrooms. It basically comes to children, but sometimes someone from the adult, walking in the woods alone. Ghostly old woman is able to "bind", that is to go after the children hear her voice, she persuades them to "sample the mushrooms." Worst of all, if you meet a ghost in the dark. It can "zamorochit", and then wandered through the woods mushroom overnight.

It is believed that a witch lives in a certain house, which is somewhere in the forest and sometimes nabredayut travelers. With repeated searches in the same place it is not provided. It looks a little house dilapidated and uninhabited. They say that in the late 1970's a man looked at him and saw a cobwebby corpses. After that, the police searched the hut, but have not found. And after a while she was seen at the other end of the forest. They say that people are afraid even at the approach to the sinister house, but if you log into it, you can not get out.

Sleeping on the go

Generally, in these places to get lost more easily than in any other. It happens not only with visitors, but also with the locals, well-versed in the woods.

"One afternoon I was walking near the house where I live every summer — says 52-year-old N., horticulturist. — I know the terrain very well. But at that time I decided to go straight to gardening through the woods, choosing not quite familiar route. Once I passed a small ravine, followed by becoming familiar to me edge, suddenly found the place quite different. Even the ravine was not, I just passed! I'm scared much. Saw the front of the house, I thought it was gardening, and when it came, it turned out — no, a village which is almost five kilometers away from the ravine! As I moved to a distance — I'll never know. We had to ask for directions and go back all five kilometers. When I then tried to figure out what happened, I remembered that my cell phone beeped strongly at a time when I was crossing the ravine … ".

Of course, this is all very strange. But it is unlikely there to talk about teleportation or anything like that, because there are no abnormal changes in time occurs. It seems that for some reason people just fall into a state similar to sleepwalking, and then go as lunatics. "Wake up" or they themselves, having won already a good distance, or when they call out to someone. "Travelers" do not remember how we were going, so unexpected finding you are in an unfamiliar place gives them a lot of stress.

Version of the sudden confluence of sleepwalking confirmed reports of local residents, who sometimes see people with "frozen faces" going up hill and down dale. Such episodes villagers associated with the antics of the forest witch.
They say that a passerby before appeared in a "twilight" state (or, perhaps, already being in it), met with the deceased. In the evening, a man walked past the cemetery, and there he was approached by a man wearing a little unusual for rural areas: a suit, white shirt and tie. First counter bummed a cigarette, and then asked to go to such and such a village, in a certain house and tell the hostess that had set a gold ring into the slot behind the stove. The two sides parted ways, and just a minute later, a passerby found himself in the same village. He's here and did not think to go because he was not on the road, and how he found himself here — could not understand. Deciding to still determine not whether he had a stranger, looked to the specified home. There really lived that woman. Found behind the stove and the lost ring. But the most striking thing is that the person with whom a conversation took place at the cemetery, died 10 months ago. When a visitor described the appearance of the mistress of his companion, she immediately recognized her late husband, who was buried in a suit, shirt and tie.

Now it is fashionable to explain the existence of anomalous zones of tectonic faults, the presence of volcanoes and ancient impact craters. But in places, which we were told nothing of the kind. And no answers to many questions related to some local peculiarities.

Igor Voloznev


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