Mysterious artifact in the ancient Chinese archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a miniature Swiss watches

November 16, 2011 18:51

Found clock. Photo from

During the filming of a documentary film about the study of ancient Chinese tombs in the Guangxi region, archaeologists and journalists discovered tiny Swiss watch, according to the website Ananova.

 When archaeologists brush off the sand and clay from the surface of the grave, he flew from a small-sized object that hit the rocks with a metallic sound. First, scientists have taken this subject for the ring, but when the dust cleared, it turned out that this miniature clock, on the inner side of which is engraved «Swiss» («Switzerland"). The clock stopped at 10:06.

Local experts were convinced that the tomb, which is considered one of the monuments of the Ming Dynasty, remained untouched for 400 years.

Hours after the discovery, it was decided to stop digging. Soon to arrive in Beijing researchers to help figure out when and under what circumstances, hours were in the tomb.


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