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"UFO", 15.03.2004, St. Petersburg, n12 (330), p.15.

Yury Shitikov

In the early spring of 1999 the northern part of the Kursk region shocked with a series of powerful explosions, the nature of which has not been established. Emergency and Defense blamed the incident on the fall of meteorites, soil — on ground water had broken through to the earth's surface. A 63rd expedition "Kosmopoisk" led by Vadim Chernobrov came to the conclusion that the cause of the explosions — in underground processes.

We have put forward plasmoid version, which now seems to be more probable than others.

Earth rumbled and hissed

These events occurred in many parts of the Kursk region, and in particular, in the village of Ushakovo Fatezhsky region. On the shore of the pond sat a few visiting anglers. Suddenly the earth in seventy meters from them was the "rumble and hiss." Fishermen picked up their gear and sped away.

From the local closest to the scene were a few old men. Looking around at the sound, they saw a pillar of fire and flying clods of frozen earth. Impressed by what he saw one of the grandfathers came running into the house, "Grandma, I think, end of the world has begun!"

Another "lucky" Ushakovsky resident Vasily Jirov stayed at the site and watched spellbound as to what is happening. Later, he described what he saw: "We fly into the air stones, earth — five meters, and then the water gushing and all sucked steam. Fisherman on the lake sitting, so he got scared and ran away without looking back, and we were afraid to come." Later it turned out that of the surrounding water fish disappeared.

From the reports drawn up a week later voenkomovskih employees: "A powerful explosion of unknown origin occurred in the village of Ushakovo Fatezhsky Kursk region 4 March 1999. Dimensions funnel — 13×8, depth — 5 meters. Blast vomited 4,000 tons of earth, the direction of take-off fragments — in the direction of the village" .

Site of the explosion were examined by specialists MOE, who were looking for man-made causes strange phenomenon. Interviewed witnesses, but it did not clarify the situation. Some local residents heard a huge explosion and then saw the release of soil on the slope of the ravine. Any signs of falling object before the explosion was observed. A little later, an explosion was repeated with less power, but without release of soil. A day was fixed third explosion of low power, presumably on the site of the first two. According to eyewitnesses, the epicenter of the explosion erupted mud flow, and then steam, with no smells. Mud flow reached the pond, which was located near the ice break. Stream flowing out of the center of the funnel, cut through the frozen soil and ice blocks, gets in his way, which reflects its high temperature.

It should be noted that, despite the power of the explosion in the village is just 300 meters away from the epicenter, not cracked, no window glass, and also the men Ushakov did not hear anything unusual. At the same time, the men in the 100 meters from the release of soil, laid the ears from the noise. However, the villagers over them even laughed — to drink, they say, less necessary. Jeers continued as long as the skeptics are not convinced of the existence of a huge crater.

After a few days

March 18 Emergency Service took reports from the October Fatezhsky and districts of the Kursk region of eight new explosions less power.

Travel underground "fire-breathing dragon" continued in a straight line. Seven of its output to the surface occurred at a distance of 5-7 kilometers away from each other.

Eighth explosion rumbled 20 kilometers from the Kursk nuclear power plant in the village Lobozanovka ravine. At the site of the explosion crater with a diameter of about 40 and a depth of about 8 meters!

Mine detectors did not find a single piece of metal in the ground at the site of the explosion.

The cause explosions — plasmoids

Assembled in place of mysterious events sintered particles of soil were talking about the explosions occurred at a temperature exceeding a thousand degrees. One of the Moscow weather stations registered the quake, but it was not like those seen in earthquakes. On the basis of this and many other facts, it can be assumed that the cause of the abnormal blasts were plasmoids. In our opinion, the site of the explosion were geotectonic faults. Spring water leaked into them and put on a powerful electric charge appearing in the bowels of the planet Earth from the working hydro-generator of natural origin. The explosions occurred precisely because of the access to the surface of the earth plasmoids.

But what is a plasmoid? It is a kind of ball lightning, which has a high temperature and high power charge. When reaching the surface of the plasmoids explode, cause massive emissions of soil and melted the ice. This and all other anomalies.

Yuri Shitikov, coordinator of the "Kursk-Kosmopoisk"
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