Mysterious disappearances

February 12, 2013 13:54

Mysterious disappearances according to scientists in fourth place among the most misunderstood phenomena our planet. People disappear all ages, often without a trace, sometimes in front of many witnesses. Much less a person opens a gift spatial teleportation, which he could control at will.

For example, Zhang Baoshen, Chinese descent, often demonstrated a unique ability to teleport, and could dematerialize small objects, which then appear in another place. Experiments to study this phenomenon were conducted in 1982-1983, in the most severe conditions. Specialists stocked all kinds of modern equipment of the time, chemical markers and X-ray equipment. But the fact remained that way unthinkable Zhang was able to get items from closed containers and transfer them to another. And sometimes the "withdrawal" of the objects were absent during the hours it is not clear where, then again there or in the same place or elsewhere. Once so lost mini-radio, and when it reappeared it was found that its battery is fully discharged.
Extraordinary ability to teleport had driven a black inmate from the U.S., Hadad, who was serving a sentence in prison Fort Leavenworth, with harsh regime. Administration of the institution was unpleasantly surprised to find a prisoner unpleasant property spontaneously disappearing from a locked camera, and then after some time to appear at the prison gates. In addition to teleportation, Hadad had some more paranormal abilities: in particular, he could voluntarily suspend all vital functions of the body, falling into a state of lethargy. According to Hadad, his mysterious ability he received as a result of the passage of a gloomy ceremony.

On our planet, there are places that are popularly known as "bad job" just because there is lost, "ginet" a lot of people, and animals too. At the confluence of the Angara River lie in wait there is such a place called "Devil's Cemetery," which appeared in the beginning of the last century after the fall of the Tunguska meteorite. Then the local people were forced to bypass the other path this place because it massively dying cattle. But the "Devil's Cemetery" knowingly received its name. Researchers try to find out the mystery of this place, paid a very high price for their audacity — the total number of deaths in the area was about seventy people.

But in the 90 years of the last century, scientists now have found this clearing. However, the approach to abnormal location devices started behaving strangely, and the expedition members noted the deterioration of general condition, also lost his connection with the second group. The study decided to postpone until the morning, but the next morning the people began to appear strange symptoms: numbness of the body, swelling, blurred vision, etc. Therefore, the expedition thought it best to go back.

Many mysteries associated with bodies of water, often demonstrating a rather strange properties. There are mysterious Segozero Karelia, which is a strange locals faced for generations. Thus, according to witnesses, is in Segozere "lip" — a special section which are out of the lake basin. And in October 1928, all the water from this area sharply left, exposing the bottom full of fish. However, soon five — six-meter waves rushed in "lip", the water was so warm that the kids even went swimming in it

It is possible that under the lake are karst cavities, which can "tighten" the water depth as a result of some kind of underground events. But how to explain the time that such cases to Segozere not isolated, and are repeated more and more often. A similar incident occurred the other part of this "accursed place" at the source of the river Segezha. In minutes, the water is gone from the lake, leaving the people with boats at the bottom, and then immediately rushed back. Could not save anyone. Similar anomalies led to the fact that all the people who lived here have left the place.

Ancient anomalous zone (Shushmor tract), which constantly disappeared people, is located in the Vladimir region. The first documentary evidence of mysterious disappearances began to arrive in 1885, when working at the Kolomna tract. First disappeared a farmer. Then the second one (with the horse and cart). Then lost the whole convoy. Police searches have not revealed absolutely nothing, as many of the missing money with them did not have the killing for profit was unlikely. However, people in the place continued to disappear. Over time, about Shushmor forgotten, since there are more comfortable and modern roads, but in 1957 had to remember about him after this lost group of tourists and enthusiasts, who decided to investigate a strange tract.

When they began to investigate the matter, it was found that over the years in the forest Shushmora went missing a few local residents, many of whom knew all the roads and trails in the forest.

Expedition to explore this area in 2002, found that a certain Shushmor anomalous zone. Not far from the tract has an abandoned village in which occur most frequently in the summer thunderstorms. And next to this little village is a ravine, which bypass the local residents. But those who dared to go down there, they say that all the plants there are distorted and strange forms, and birch trunks somehow square.

According to Viktor Kazakov, local history, its original name Tracts "Ushmor" since before there were people who worshiped the serpent god, and may be a reason people lived previously preferred is this creature? It is likely that contact with humans before representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations is most similar to snakes. A land of anomalies — it's residual effects from foreign to our world of alien energy.

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