Mysterious drawings in the margins of the South Urals. Video


12.07.11.Istina somewhere, to be exact — in Krasnoarmeysk district of Chelyabinsk region.

The villagers felt Kharino heroes series "The X-Files." Early in the morning they found on wheat fields mysterious signs. Circles in the form of rings and other geometric figures bowed stems clockwise.
First noticed circles resident Kharino Alexander Ismeldinov. Early in the morning he drove to work in the neighboring village Miasskoe. He saw at once on the large lawn. He says at first he thought that some attackers mowed night unripened wheat.

However, the stems were simply flattened, as if on them with all the forces of the past with a hot iron, and — mystery! — No trace of tread combines.

"On the field looked: wow some circles! Jam wheat oddly. I do not know that this kind of mysticism "- surprised villager Kharino Alexander Ismeldinov.

Mysterious circles first appeared in 1968 near Stonehenge. England — leader in the number of unexplained phenomena in science. In second place in the ranking — the Americas, Texas. In Russia, in recent years, witnesses have counted more than 60 different shapes of strange characters in the fields. In the Southern Urals is the first case. Scientists have sought to decipher the characters, but — to no avail.

From the helicopter, or even from space icon in the South Urals fields would be seen better, and perhaps would have been a certain pattern. The villagers Kharino heard about the incident the local scale, especially come to see and photograph the mysterious circles. Especially, in the words of the villagers, at midnight, they observed a strange flash of light.

"Hurricanes, the wind was not strong. Time! For a moment, literally, the light turns off for half a second, I do not understand, and then turn on "- says a resident of the village Kharino Elena.

In the world there are many theories about the origin of the mysterious circles: from weather to divine. For example, skeptics believe that the strange signs — it quirks of nature. Since the traces left on the ground mikrotornado, eddies and strong winds.

Ufologists believe icon prints the bottom of UFOs. Religious people believe that the symbolic circles — are warnings of impending disasters over and, given that they appeared on the South Urals fields at a time when the ship sank on the Volga, then this hypothesis does not seem delusional.

However, the interesting fact that the mysterious circles always appeared where active unfolded BBC. In the U.S. and the Netherlands over the fields with anomalous patterns and electromagnetic radiation has broken dozens of fighters.

Mystical signs dotted with a few wheat fields in Krasnoarmeysk district. News villagers Kharino discussed in the store and remembered that in 1980 the capital of the local investigator photographed the unusual temple balls. However, then no one would believe any images or my eyes.

"He came and took pictures of the church, and some objects in the photo are. He never distributed the pictures, but we have seen that over the temple is something there. I believe that we are not alone in the universe. Human power is a field circles, figures in one night not cover up ", — says Elena villager Kharino Ismeldinova.

In any case, the secret signs a long time will haunt the minds of both ordinary people and scientists. Too many differences and hypotheses. But being a skeptic and believe that crop circles — the work and imagination of man, or believe that the icons — the creation of extraterrestrial civilizations, is a personal matter.

Source: Broadcaster ITV

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