Mysterious journey into the past, or a trap time

November 19, 2011 12:23

Imagine a river.  In the middle of the fastest water.  Photo: Irina Rudskoy.  The Epoch Times

Imagine a river. In the middle of the fastest water. Photo: Irina Rudskoy. The Epoch Times

In life, people sometimes mysterious events happen that a person can not give an explanation. Many are trying to forget, to erase from memory — so easy to live. But they still pop up, excites the mind and demanding answers.

There is an official science that explores various mysterious phenomena associated with time and space. Well-known "The Philadelphia Experiment" is still at the hearing, but before the end of science is inexplicable. "Bermuda Triangle" — a place of strange accidents, as in the lists of mysterious phenomena.

 There are situations easier, not such a grand scale. I want to give a few episodes from the life of my friend Sergei Ivanovich. You can treat them like a fairy tale, and you can take it as a phenomenon that has not yet been studied by scientists.

Episode One

Raisin-route Kramatorsk.  Photo: Irina Rudskoy.  The Epoch Times

Raisin-route Kramatorsk. Photo: Irina Rudskoy. The Epoch Times

As usual, we made contact with him on a school playground exercises. It was the middle of autumn, the cool pre-dawn morning. Silence. Fog. In our area it is a rarity. When finished the deal, the sun rose, the fog began to clear, but it has not disappeared. It was surprisingly nice. I did not want to go home. Here Sergei said:

— I am afraid of these fogs.

— First meet a person who is afraid of the fog. How come?

— Mists, especially so quiet, hide any secrets.

— Mystery?

— The mysteries of time. You know, that time is fluid?

— How is it?

— Time — a stream, and in any thread can twist. Imagine a river. In the middle of the fastest water, the main stream. Closer to the shore for a slow down. At one small segment of the flow there, the water as it is. But in fact, layers of water moving in the vertical direction. At the bottom of the river there is driftwood, rocks, holes. In these places, and there is a whirlpool, swirling flow. Vortex anomalies in the river and go with the flow, and against the current, and are ahead of it. Different situations are. And over time. He also has a twist. When a person gets such turbulence, it can get stuck there.

— Getting stuck in time?

— Yes. Imagine the following scene. The river is fast chips on the water, some quietly refers to the side, to the shore. At the coast during the slow, slow. That's a sliver enters the whirlpool and turns in it. The main water has gone, and a chip is held in place unknown force. Then he throws back to the stream, and continues on his way. And the man who fell into the vortex of time.

— It is you come up with that idea?

— No, she was nominated Academician Ambartsumian, President of the Armenian Academy of Sciences. But I believe this theory because I experienced it myself.

— Practice — a criterion of truth? — I smiled incredulously. — So, what it is your practice?

— I once got into a mysterious situation, because I know that this is how behaves time.

We drove to the station Krasny Liman.  Photo: Irina Rudskoy.  The Epoch Times

We drove to the station Krasny Liman. Photo: Irina Rudskoy. The Epoch Times

— Really? Tell Sergei Ivanovich.

— It was … remembered how once, in 1999. I was returning by train from Raisin Raisin-Kramatorsk. Sitting and looking out the window — what to do? We drove to the station Krasny Liman. A light mist began to gather outside the window. The train stood in Liman seven minutes and moved on, towards Slavyansk. I remember, there were old cars with wooden doors. I was sitting on the right campaign train. Suddenly, instead of concrete buildings, I saw the old houses, which were still here 30 years ago. And disappeared somewhere plant? Then a woman sitting on the left side of the car, ran up to my window and asked in surprise: "Yes, where is it we're going? When this house was here? It is a hundred years there. " I looked, and the truth is a little house covered with reeds, and all over town all the houses with thatched Strikha. But all the buildings have long been a slate roof. Settlement like the same, recognizable, but all the houses look like something strange, like in the photo 30s. I think, or the other way let the train? And about that little house, which indicated a woman, I can say — I remember him well. Back in 1944 we aunt — she was a hospital nurse, a first lieutenant, and came to a getaway — we went with it here. Back then, I drew attention to this house. So, it was demolished in 1948. And now I see it again. As I understand it, we moved to another temporary space in the past.

— The whole structure, the whole train?

— Yes, the whole train. He went back in time. And suddenly attacked by a strange melancholy of all, everyone started to doze. It seems all of a sudden it became indifferent: Well, let's go, so let's go, what does it matter, for what areas.

— And you've been paying attention to the way its other passengers?

— Yes, I watched the people all noticed that something was wrong, but impossible to understand. Look, the fog got inside the car, but so dense: Pull the hand — his hand will not see. Soon the passengers attacked drowsiness. Here the structure over, the forest began. I also wanted to sleep. And I thought, a little nap before the next platform, but we'll see. And fast asleep. I woke up when we arrived at the final station to Kramatorsk. Fog weak-weak. The train stopped. Passengers go on the platform. And we have already met with a TV camera with a microphone. Television, press … to me, too, came to the microphone. The question struck me as stupid: where you say that there were? I ignored him and walked quickly to the bus. Other passengers questioned in detail: that as a yes.

— Why do you ask such a question journalists?

— First is what I myself did not understand. We boarded the train, we got out of the train. What is unusual about that? The way we take a nap. And how many were sleeping, who knows. At home, all come to find out. I bought in Izyum cheese, and it turned out that it all soured. Raisins from 2:00 to us the way. Unhappy wife asks, "When did you buy?" And I-I bought just before the train, that is 2-3 hours before. And it turned out that it took 3 or 4 days.

The passengers attacked Sandman.  Photo: Irina Rudskoy.  The Epoch Times

The passengers attacked Sandman. Photo: Irina Rudskoy. The Epoch Times

— A day later his wife had read in a local newspaper article about unusual that people have seen from the windows of a commuter train strange sight, like the view from the past, and has discussed it with his cousin. And she suddenly remembered: "In the same train was traveling Sergei! And no one really knows where they are. Everyone was asleep. " Here's a case of out with the mist. Then I read in a magazine that around the world there are such anomalies. But time "throws" are other things. I've read that there are times when a person suddenly enveloping darkness, but so thick that no pitch black to be seen. Being overtaken by daylight. But it passes quickly. Man is walking down the street, and suddenly his darkness envelops. It gradually thickens, thickens, and then again Gives Way.

I'll tell you one interesting case with my friend, Vera Stepanovna. One day she went to the company for mushrooms. Roamed the woods with baskets in search Maslen yes aspen mushrooms. Without realizing it, Vera Stepanovna behind others. Time in the afternoon, people hurried to the train. And it suddenly, for no apparent reason Nakata darkness. Moreover, there was this: dark — light, dark — light. I thought, "Yeah, what is it? Somewhere the sun is hiding? Or something wrong with his eyes? But at some point, she thought she saw the night sky with stars. Evident imagined. Throwing back the idea, Vera Stepanovna was to find my way to the station. Reached the railroad, quietly got into the train and went home. A man meets the threshold, "Where have you been for five days?"

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