Mysterious places on the planet

November 14, 2012 20:53

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There are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, uniqueness and origin of the mysterious beauty
Our planet is full of interesting and mysterious places, whose story continues to excite the minds of people for centuries. While many try to explain strange phenomena with the help of science, there are places that continue to amaze us with its magnificence, unusual origin and mysterious beauty. Therefore, perhaps, despite the existence of hazards in these places, people still seek to attend.


It is an ancient monument consisting of massive stones that form concentric circles, which is located on Salisbury Plain UK. No one knows for sure who created it and why, but scientists are offering all new and new theories in an attempt to find an explanation for this phenomenon.

Stonehenge has generated an incredible amount of myths, legends and hypotheses. It has been suggested that the stone has to wonder Druids, Greeks, Phoenicians, and even the inhabitants of Atlantis. It is unclear how these huge stones were brought to the plain. It is unlikely that the known cultures have technicians who can move these items over long distances.

Myths and legends explain the appearance of Stonehenge that the ancient inhabitants of Albion were familiar with the magic firsthand. The well-known legend of King Arthur — a glaring example. Part of the myth associated with Stonehenge, is that these massive blocks of stone were transported from Ireland. Of course, people were not under force to move them to a great distance, so they called in the aid of Merlin, a powerful sorcerer, who moved the stones to where they are now. Of course, this legend does not explain half the mysteries of the amazing concentric circles.

Other researchers have proposed the hypothesis that space aliens, which could have a sufficiently advanced technology to carry out the construction of such facilities.

The second question, thrilling scientists — for what those who built this monument, it took to do it. Many argue that it is — a sort of space observatory that you can monitor the movement of the moon and sun. In the eighteenth century, even slipped assumption that this place was used for execution of sentence of death. But, of course, it does not hold water.

In 1920, Briton Alfred Watkins tried to connect Stonehenge with other British landmarks. According to him, the mysterious stones were only a guide for those who wish to safely overcome the road that unfolds through a dense forest, which grew up in the area centuries ago. This version is not confirmed archaeologically.

Another very interesting theory suggests that Stonehenge — a place to heal the sick. In addition to huge slabs, there are unusual blue stones. Scientists have found a place of their origin. Here we return again to the legend of wizards, move rocks on the plain. It is assumed that the stones were transported from the mountain range of Presley's, located in the west of Britain. There are also thermal springs, which in ancient times, the Irish were treated with different diseases. According to myths, fragments of these stones to bring good luck and protected from various afflictions.

Loch Ness

This reservoir is located in the north of the UK, in Scotland. Is part of the Caledonian Canal. Loch Ness assumes the existence of a large animal "Nessie", reminiscent of fossil lizard.

Since the construction of roads in the lake since 1933, people have seen the "Loch Ness monster" more than four thousand times (the first observation of the twentieth century is a description of the owners' spouses McKay). There are hundreds of documented evidence of witnesses, dozens of photos, underwater photography and recording sonar, which are reviewed in whole or in part one, sometimes several floating dinosaurs with long necks.

One of the most significant images can be called a monster movie, filmed from the air in 1966, the RAF expert Tim Dtnsdeylom, which can be seen in the water floats a huge animal. Experts Air Force Aerial confirmed that moves in the waters of Loch Ness object is not really a layout, but a living thing.

Most likely, the lake area is somewhat typical of the anomalous zone. In the summer of 1992 was the first sonar to scour the entire volume of the lake, and the researchers were able to detect in the water for at least five large creatures, which, in their opinion, are giant dinosaurs somehow survived to this day. The area of the lake has a very extensive tourist infrastructure (hotels and motels), on the slopes you can find a place for a tent. Please be advised that in the summer the water temperature in the lake is quite suitable for swimming, but the locals do not recommend.

Catacombs of the Czech Republic

Jihlava Catacombs — underground engineering structures (city Yiglav, South Moravia, Czech Republic). In the summer of 1996 in Jihlava worked archaeological expedition. Scientists have confirmed that a few times here very clearly heard the sound of the organ. Underpass, where it happened, is on a ten-depth, and near there, they just found a single room, where he could have such a tool. Psychologists who examined witnesses, deny the possibility of mass auditory hallucinations.
The main sensation was the discovery by archaeologists "luminous ladder" in one of the least studied of underground tunnels, whose existence was not even know the local old-timers. Take a sample of the material did not confirm the presence of phosphorus. According to eyewitnesses, at first glance does not look like stairs — nothing special, but gradually she begins to emit growing reddish-orange light. Even if you pay off a ladder directed light — the glow of the stairs is not terminated, and its intensity is not reduced.

Molebsky triangle

Known geoanomalnaya zone, located opposite the village Molebka (on the border of the Perm and Sverdlovsk regions) on the left bank of the Sylva. Discoverer of this zone is the Permian Emil Bachurin geologist who in 1983 discovered the winter in the snow next round diameter of 62 meters. In the autumn of next year, he also noticed a bluish glow in the woods a hemisphere.

Further research revealed the presence in the area of strong dowsing anomalies. There were huge black shapes, glowing balls and body, demonstrating intelligent behavior: they lined up in perfect geometric shapes, watching members of the expedition were leaving at the approach of a stranger.

In September 1999, during the 70th expedition "Kosmopoisk" in this area have been repeatedly observed sound mirages. All present several times clearly heard the sound of an approaching motor. Machines, judging from the absence of traces, there never has been for months. Location area is well known ufologists and tourists. In the early 1990s, when the number of tourists visiting areas within the permissible limits, to conduct any research in this area has become almost impossible. In the press there information that Perm Anomalous Zone ceased to exist, and in the mid 90's the tourist business has gone sour.

Coral Castle

This is a huge complex of megalithic statues and weighing 1,100 tons, built by hand, without the use of machines in California (USA). The complex includes a two-story square tower weighing 243 tons, the various structures, thick walls, an underground pool with a spiral staircase, a stone map of Florida, roughly hewn chairs, a table in the form of heart, accurate sundial stone Mars and Saturn, as well as the 30-ton per month , its horn just points to the North Star, and more.

Built a castle Latvian immigrant Edward Lidskalninsh. In 1920, he settled in Florida, where a good climate helped him to survive despite the progressive form of the disease. Small stature and weak-looking Edward alone 20 years old castle built by hand, carrying huge boulders from the coast of coral limestone from which hew blocks without using even primitive jackhammer — all instruments he made from the remains of the abandoned car. How Edward moved and lifted multi-ton blocks, remains a mystery. In their possession "sullen Ed" people are not allowed.

When the next set out to build a villa energetic lawyer from Louisiana, Edward moved his child to another location, for 10 miles to the south. How he did it — one more question: we know that he has hired a powerful truck. This truck is seen by many. But no one saw Ed sank or unload the car. For all inquiries, Ed said, "I have discovered the secret of the pyramid builders!"

In 1952, he suddenly died of stomach cancer. A few years after the death of Ed American engineering company conducted its own experiment rented most powerful bulldozer and tried to budge one of the units, which Edward had used stroitelsve. Nothing happened. Thus, the secret of the castle buildings and transport remained insoluble.

Mystical city — Arkaim

It is believed that in order to get there, we must not only buy a ticket for transportation, more important is something else: the "empty" if you place it.

People come here not only and not so much for the interest in antiquity. Here the people are strange things you can sleep on the mountain, where it is very windy and cold, in a thin sleeping bag — and do not catch a cold. Disease, did not show up this time, make themselves known and successfully cured. The life of man who has visited the city, takes on new meaning, it feels as if started from scratch.

Arkaim — an ancient city, discovered by Soviet archaeologists in the summer of 1987 at the confluence of the rivers and Utyaganki Karaganka (south of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk Region). This is the most mysterious archaeological site in Russia. Fortress city of the ancient Aryans was abandoned for unknown reasons employers and Chetri burned about a thousand years ago. The plan offers two Arkaim inscribed into each other rings of fortifications, the two circles clung to the walls of houses, the central square and circular streets with wooden flooring and storm sewer. Without a doubt, the arch with four oriented to the cardinal entrance to the fortress was built on a pre-drafted plan with precision (all O-line have one center where all converge radial lines).

Cape Hatteras

Or South Atlantic cemetery — one of the most dangerous places for navigation, located along the coastline of the eastern U.S. coast. Island, called by locals Outer Shoals, constantly changing its shape and size, which creates a great difficulty for the passage of ships through the straits even in good weather. And during the frequent storms sailing here is paired with a fatal risk. Forecasters have determined that even during "normal" vosmiballnogo storm wave height on the local shoals up to 13 meters.

Average speed of the Gulf Stream near Cape is about 70 km / day, on a two shoals Diamond is a powerful during encounters with the North Atlantic current, which leads to a surprising phenomenon observed only here: the waves during a storm with strong rumbling throw sand, shells and sea foam on fountains 30-meter height. See this show could just.

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