Mysterious stain on pictures rover Curiosity thrilled the public

The very first photograph taken by rover Curiosity moments after landing on the surface of the Red Planet, excited the imagination of fans of science fiction.In the picture was captured low resolutions mysterious object — fuzzy outlines "spot", which rises above the horizon.Given the distance from which the picture was taken, the size of the object must have been considerable.Mystery added that in the next photo of the surface of the planet, made in an hour, no "spots" were gone.Internet users in the forums offered a different version of the mysterious object — glare and optical effects to just a dirty lens.However, all the "myths" dispelled the experts who determine the nature of a "stain" on the Martian horizon.As explained by one of the participants of Curiosity, were able to establish the truth by images taken from the orbit of Mars and found at NASA.On satellite images includes all components of the apparatus that made the land rover.Judging by the pictures, in the south-west of the Curiosity fell parachute, where the rover was floating in the atmosphere.In the south-east landed a heat shield, which is also separated from the rover before landing, Curiosity was able to deploy its radar for navigation. Heat shield, by the way, was one of the first objects pictures taken at high resolution.And in the north-west, about 600 meters away, landed engine that slowed the fall in the final seconds rover landing.This "step" system, equipped with something like rocket nozzles, accompanied Curiosity to the lowest possible height, and then "spit" rover, and he was hanging on the ropes, on which sat on the surface.Engine, not to land, withdrew to a safe distance and there fell — otherwise it would have raised a huge cloud of dust, which the rover could "choke."When the rover was on the surface, one of 17 of his camera was turned just to the northwest, in fact, the time of landing and the engine depicted Curiosity at its first Martian photo shows the "spot" was a pillar of dust.


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