Mystery Lada. Fireballs then seen as something ordinary

September 7, 2012 12:03

Some residents believe the Volga: flying around the fire clots — the souls of dead people
In search of anomalies of the Samara Bend expedition "AIF" went to the boom Tokhtamysh — mystical hill, the occurrence of which the researchers attributed to the battle on the river Kondurcha, in the fourteenth century largely determined the fate of Europe.

Where is a Tokhtamysh arrow?

"Look, what a flat wall, like a knife cut, — Oleg Warrior, vice president of the research group" Avesta ", shows the elevation, which drives up our car. — According to our hypothesis, this man-made hill, it's headquarters Tokhtamysh Khan's Golden Horde. The hill was erected by order of Khan before his battle with Tamerlane. According to local residents, and now the stars from time to time come to move here, to form a loop man dressed in oriental robe. "

After more than six centuries and it is not clear where the battle took place Tamerlane Tokhtamysh. Historians believe that this is a battle that saved Europe from the second Mongol invasion happened Kondurcha River, which flows through the territory of the Samara Region and Tatarstan.

"The question remains open, but we focus on the following. The local legend says that the Tokhtamysh was "big magic arrow", — says Igor P., president of the "Avesta". — Samara local historian Victor Pylyavsky, using the possibilities of aerial reconnaissance, made several flights over the area, made a series of pictures. But we thought this is not enough, and we ordered a shot from space, according to the "Global". Imagine our surprise when we saw that the contours of the hill on which you and I are right now, similar to the shape of an arrowhead! Moreover, this boom coincides with a picture of the constellation Virgo. "

His first research expedition to the hill was not without mystery. The impression is that from time to time here, someone "off the light": around abruptly darkens, and the usual mode of illumination returned only a few minutes. The second effect is seen in the region arrows Tokhtamysh researchers call the word "mocking". "Usually, the group has two or three radios to share information in the search, — says Oleg Warrior. — Here, these radio transmitting device properties provide fault: a phrase that you say, suddenly begins to repeat itself and accelerate until it turns into a cacophony. Signalers asked — they are at a loss. They say, it seems that someone would record your audio and then play it with distortion. Why? There is a theory that deep down the hill is the alien base. They thus try to strike up contact with us. "
Our radios, oddly enough, is working properly. However, there is something surprising. Oleg Warrior brought with him from home dosimeter — measure radiation levels. On the eve of the unit immediately, found in fresh batteries. But as we climbed the hill, the unit is refused.

Divine UFO

But locals anomalies have not surprising. "The Volga people have their beliefs, remaining from ancient times. For example, in the terrible deity Keremet: it is the people in the form of a glowing ball of fire or a snake with its tail — says Lydia Lyuboslavova, a senior fellow Togliatti museum. — It is believed that the need to placate Keremet prayers and sacrifices. Also in the form of fiery bunch Samara Bend residents describe a being Eyvs: they believe that the soul of a dead person, which need to be afraid. The very existence of such myths and legends give us understand that fire facilities in the Samara Bend come from ancient times, and the people they are perceived as something ordinary. I hope that specialists will be engaged in systematic studies of physics of these phenomena. "

Lydia Lyuboslavova recalls how his own eyes in the sky, watching the mysterious glowing object "seen his two groups at the same time in different places of the Samara Bend. Object appeared around midnight at high altitude. Resembling a big star, he moved from the south to the north, towards the airport Kurumoch, no sound. At this point, it intercept the plane took off from the airport. The object stayed in the air and slowly pulled away. Then described the curve and disappeared — as if melted. Monitoring process took about 10 minutes. I think these are the UFO — as a fireball — have caused local residents myth appearance Keremet deity. "

I admit, during a trip to the mountains Zhiguli any mysterious objects in the sky, did not get to see. Although, as it turned out, I did not look around too closely. Has arrived in Moscow to study the work undertaken by the Samara Bend photography and found: a story about a mystical warrior of Oleg Strela Tokhtamysh and based on aliens, which probably is located in the belly of the hill, I heard not one (see photo above). Maybe it was Keremet, and maybe Eyvs. But experts, physicists have a lot to consider.

Dmitry Vladimirov

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