Mystery of the Western Ukraine: Yeti whirligig in the sky and aliens with flashlight

May 3, 2012 20:48

In the Carpathians, are often seen Bigfoot, and Citizen of Lvov after meeting with the alien no longer go to the toilet.

Abnormal card. Clicking on any of the "plates", you can get detailed information about the visit of a UFO. Photo:

On the Internet there … map anomalies Ukraine. From now on, anyone can learn not only when and where exactly in the region seen unidentified flying objects, and point of contact with aliens. To do this, type in the address bar, and in the search box enter: / google / ufobua.kmz (The National Archives is the evidence of UFOs over Ukraine). Immediately arises map of the area with marked notes on it in the form of plates and inverted "muzzles" aliens.

In Western Ukraine most of the Lviv region and the Carpathians. As explained to us the Transcarpathian ufologist Jaroslav Socko, this is because of the fact that in these areas of Western Ukraine lives most people. When you click on the notes there is information from witnesses of paranormal phenomena. People talk about the seen in the sky, cigar-shaped bodies and discs with light blue rays. The cashier of Chop in Transcarpathia Jaroslav Mikelyuk compared allegedly seen on the station in 1989 with the object yuloy.

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In Lviv, according to the map of anomalies, occurring twice "newcomers." For the first time in the village of non-auditory 35 years ago. "3 or 4 September 1977 I was in the camp" Kiev ", 50 km from Lviv to Kiev — recalls rizhanka Medina Muratov. — Suddenly, in the night I woke up, felt the unusually heavy look. Opening my eyes, I saw the man leaning over me. He had a large, deep-set eyes. Torso seemed disproportionately narrow — about 40 centimeters. The clothes were tight fitting and glistening metallic luster. "

When she screamed, the creature supposedly moved to a corner near the door of the tent in a slightly shimmering column. Another humanoid allegedly met in the woods Briukhovychi October 21, 1990 35-year-old local resident. Collecting mushrooms, she saw a strange six-foot man, dressed in a dark suit with a shiny helmet. The man flashed his flashlight at the woman in yellow and disappeared, literally evaporate into the air. After that meeting Citizen of Lvov completely dropped out of the toilet, but ate and drank, as before, on a regular basis. The doctors just shrugged.

In 1993, the functions of the body suddenly recovered. By the way, it is at the end of the 80's and 90's, according to ufologist Yaroslav Socko, fell peak extraterrestrial activity in the vast western Ukraine. "This is due to the collapse of the Union, and the weakening of censorship. After all, before "dish" saw, but were afraid to speak out about them, "- explains Socko. And one of the first mentions of UFO found in the archives of 200 years ago. During the war against the French in 1812 in the sky over a couple of times Bucovina allegedly saw something like a large star with a beam of light traveling in the direction of Russia.

Often in western Ukraine, especially high in the Carpathian Mountains (near the village Verkhovyna on Frankivsk) allegedly met Yeti — Bigfoot. In 1989, such a creature like as seen in the forest, 35 km from Krakovtsa — Mostisskom area in the Lviv region. "Even my grandfather saw in 1926 at the Polish-Ukrainian border in the village of Krakovets, ape-like creature of medium height (1.5 m), whose body was covered with black hair", — says Roman citizen of Lviv Miller.

Tatiana Simcoe

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