Mystery of UFO crash in the Tien Shan is still not solved

January 5, 2013 2:55

Mystery of UFO crash in the Tien Shan has not been solved …

Mystery of UFO crash in the Tien Shan is still not solved

"The helicopter made a wide circle above the gorge cautiously and slowly filling up the right side, went down — begins a fascinating story ufologist Nikolay Subbotin. — Breaking the blades low cumulus clouds, the car came down lower and lower, trying to find the snowy rocks level location. Tricolor camouflage coloring makes it clearly visible in this black-and-white world. The pilot adjusted the headset and turned to his passengers. Major in the form of border guard nodded and waved his hand — "Here!". His companion, his nose buried in the window, looked up from the ground, pulled out a crumpled piece of paper with something checked the map and also nodded.

In the morning mist seemed to pass. The unexpectedness of the pilot swung the helicopter — on a level, paved area like lying object. Hefty "blimp" over half a kilometer long, broken into two parts explosion. Major looked at his companions, "Is this it?" Man with a piece of paper in his hand nodded again: "This is our UFO! .."

August 28, 1991 at 4.42 am local time radar station on Mangyshlak, recorded in the airspace of a very large object, so suddenly appeared on the screen, as if emerged from the void. The object had a length of about 600 meters and 110 meters in diameter and was flying over the Caspian Sea to the north-west, at an altitude of 6,600 meters at a speed of 960 km per hour, and did not respond to inquiries. Operators quickly realized that the deal is likely to UFOs. The appearance of the stranger told the Caspian part of defense. Two patrol the MiG-29 were sent to the south of the city of Shevchenko. The pilots were given the task to determine what the object if it is clearly man-made — to put him to the alternate in K., and in case of disobedience to open fire and destroy.

The meeting took place at exactly the calculated time at 05:12. The pilots observed the object visually and on radar screens: it looked like a giant blimp with no protruding parts, dimly shining in the sun. The head part on each side of the object placed on the two round "porthole" with a diameter of 1/6 of height.

UFO no hostile action is taken. The team leader asked the staff and offered to go to two fighters on each side of the object to the warning line of guns parallel to his course, and, while holding so make start the descent. However, when trying to fire weapons system denied all fighters, at the approach to the subject at a distance of 600-500 meters began operating problems, the instruments go haywire. The very same UFO began to rapidly increase the rate from 3 to 7 km / h in 2.3 minutes! Soon (at 5:27) at an altitude of 4400 m in the Lake Issyk-Kul, the UFO disappeared from radar screens.
And it was not the end but only the beginning of the story of the "Russian Roswell" (so the story dubbed the West). In 1991, leaked information about that in the mountains east of town Przhevalsk (now Karakol), the tract of Shaitan Mazar large UFO crashed. In the disaster area to send a group of employees of the research station tracking UFOs led by renowned anomalschikom Emil Bachurin. Fifteen days later the expedition was in the mountains, but because of the abundance of snow, bad weather and steep cliffs, researchers have not got to the crash site. October 21, they returned to Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). To the accident helicopter was sent to the Air Force to pick up pieces of a UFO, but for unknown reasons he fell in the mountains, and the entire crew was killed.

The Kazakh Research Station began tracking UFO thorough preparation for new large-scale expedition to the site of the death of an alien spaceship. Under the guidance of director of the station retired colonel G. Svechkova were divided into two groups: first, was the first, and two weeks later it was to change the second. The first team was taken to the mountains of June 12, 1992. Breaking the base camp is about 2.5 km northwest of the alleged crash site, they began to climb the ridge.

As we approach the object participants began to experience strange sensations. Already from a distance of 1.5 kilometers has been seen that the ship split in two. The closer the researchers, the more they felt a sense of anxiety, fear, depression, lethargy, and weakness. At a distance of about 800 m hair on the head and body of people stood up, and measuring instruments registered strong "excessive" static electricity. Devices or stop working, or knowingly give false results. Magnetometers behaved very strangely. Within a radius distance of 800-820 meters, they pointed to the almost complete absence of a magnetic field. Even on trial rocks from a distance of 800, 600 and 400 m were completely demagnetized. All electronic clock at 1.5 km from the UFO deteriorated, pointing to dial zero, and then outside the field, they have not walked. Six mechanical watches started showing different times.

The second group of scientists, who arrived to the scene, "airship", repeating the experiments. The results did not differ from those that received first team. Neither the video nor photography also to no avail — the film simply glowed.
What happened to the UFO? It seems that the object flew over the ridge at high speed and the lower part of the fuselage caught on a rock at about 1700 meters from the place where his wreckage. After impact, the UFO began to slide on the mountain is almost flat horizontal platform, leaving a fairly deep impression. The explosion occurred in the central part of the ship (as indicated by the nature of the damage), and it split into two almost equal parts. Inside the ship was clearly visible a few decks and supporting structures. Was the crew on the ship, or he was driven by a computer program, and remains unknown.

At the time, Russian media kept silence about the incident in the Tien Shan.

For several years, scientists studying the UFO research station continued to collect all the information and data, to find money for the next expedition, made requests for satellite imagery Tracts Shaitan Mazar, which means "the Devil's Tomb" — a place long enjoyed the reputation of bad locals . There were the most improbable hypothesis of the origin of the strange object from an airship crash, who worked on nuclear fuel, to the failed launch of a new module of the international space station.
And in August 1998, the expedition led by Nikolay Subbotin has finally gone to the mountains. She flew from Moscow to Alma-Ata, and a helicopter, which experts procured with great difficulty, the expedition came to the accident site. But the UFO was gone! Yes, scientists have found a 20-meter crater formed by the explosion, and nothing more. Giving the impression that someone was carefully leveled and filled, destroying traces catastrophe of 1991. Instruments are not recorded any anomalies reported by previous expeditions. Subbotin again took off and explored the surrounding area. On a nearby hill, he found and filmed on video strange lines, reminiscent of runways at airports. At the end of these bands have a flat area with a diameter of 20-25 m, which could take helicopters. It's likely been there and removed the wreckage of military UFO, do not forget to destroy all traces of it.

What turned out as a result? Really did. Remnants of the ship no obvious signs of dropping UFO is not found, the magnetic anomalies were found — all appliances worked as normal, with no deviations. Interviews with the pilots and crews of helicopters and planes flying in the area earlier, and in recent years, also yielded nothing. In this case, attention is drawn to the fact that the authorities be hindered ufologists in the organization of the expedition and search. It seems, as in the case of the UFO crash in Roswell U.S., the former Soviet Union was also doing everything to cast doubt on the evidence of the suffering in the world catastrophes spaceships from other planets. Meanwhile, somewhere in the secret laboratories are experiments …

In this it would be possible to finish this article, but I want to draw your attention to the curious fact that all the best known and studied cases of UFO crashes in our country end in the year 1991 — the year of the collapse of the Soviet Union. What does this mean? UFO or was not interested in the fall of Russia? Or have run out of money by ufologists expedition? We can only guess …

Peter Rastrenin

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