Mysticism: the Far East, disappearing ships with their crews




Irina Yusupova

For some time in the Far East began to disappear mysteriously ships, and together with the crews. Schooners and fishing boats disappear almost every month. While the mystical explanations of the phenomenon is not found. Rumor has it that here there was a "Bermuda Triangle."

The last time a South Korean ship "Aront-103" call letters filed at the end of December 2003. Then, for unknown reasons, the relationship with him broke. Relatives of the fishermen still are at a loss about what could have happened to the ship. According to some sources, it is caught in a storm off the coast of North Korea, but no distress nor were there.

Victoria Korol'kova — the wife of the ship's captain "Aront-103" — harbors the only hope: "During the storm, the captain of the ship and crew are usually saved from ruin. So I think he probably crossed the border with North Korea, taking shelter from the storm, well and, apparently, was taken prisoner. " However, when the association of sea captains conducted its own investigation, it turned out that the wrong version of the captivity.

The only thing that can explain the cause of the disappearance of the vessel, it is something that the fishermen were poaching. There is a practice where the ship is bought for a penny, make good money on it, and then quietly get rid of him, trying to avoid responsibility. But all this is possible only in theory, as the ships disappear in fact — no one knows.

Shrouded in mystery and the fate of the missing sailors, though it has a tragic ending is not always the case. Known, for example, the case when the crew returned home three months after the disappearance. How to tell the fishermen, the foreign shipowner, leading his poaching ship from the chase for a long time kept it hidden in the South Korean port. There is speculation that the crew "Aronta" could happen is the same story.

Where to look for ghost ships, and whether to do it, no one really knows. However, their number is constantly growing. Anatoly Vibornov, Chief of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center, "That's all concrete ships.'s Schooner" Mary ", that the schooner" Good Luck ", here schooner 20-82-41, here schooner" Ivan Kasatkin "and so on and so forth."

There are times when rescued at sea poachers take on board other suspicious sea vessels. They promise to help, and then together with them as if to fail "Bermuda Triangle."

Yet, says the mother of Captain "Aront-103" Galina Korol'kova, knowledgeable people advise relatives to wait patiently, "You wait, they say, do not beat so particularly anxious and do not raise such a stir. You only can say to make it even worse if they are out there working. " However, the South Korean shipowner hope you know does not leave. He suddenly recognized the fact of death "Aronta," stating that it happened during the storm, and offered financial compensation to the families — a hint that further searches fishermen meaningless.


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